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24 Oct 2010
Lotina has been testing with Juan Dominguez and Rochela as the possible replacements of Antonio Tomás, while it seems that Diego Seoane will keep playing on the left-back position and Ze Castro will take the role of Lopo.

On Monday, against Real Sociedad, Depor’s coach was hoping to repeat the lineup that left a positive impression during the past meeting with Osasuna, but the fifth yellow card saw by central defender Albert Lopo and the recent injury case of midfielder Antonio Tomás has forced him to change the plans.

It wasn’t hard to find a replacement for the Catalan defender as Lotina has two men for the job: Ze Castro and Aythami Artiles. In the end the Portuguese international is the chosen one to claim the spot. Therefore the expected defensive line that will face the match in Anoeta is composed by Aranzubia at the goal, Laure at the right-back position, Diego Seoane on the left, while Ze Castro is joining Diego Colotto at the centre.

To mention that Claudio Morel will return from Paraguay until Monday, therefore the South American side defender will miss the games against Real Sociedad and Osasuna, and since Seoane left a positive impression in the past liga match the idea is to keep the Fabril’s kid at the starting formation, while Norwegian Knut Rindarøy will be reserved for Copa Del Rey.

The main doubt for the game in Anoeta is related to who will join Ruben Pérez in the line of pivotes, with Antonio Tomas and Juca out for injury reasons the natural choice should be Juan Rodriguez, but Lotina wants to keep the Andalusian midfielder performing on the right wing, therefore since Thursday the coach has been testing two young choices: David Rochela and Juan Dominguez.

Dominguez is the only player of the first team that hasn’t debuted yet on the liga season, because he is just returning from the muscular injury that left him out of action since the friendly match with SS Lazio. Meanwhile, for the first time on this season 20-years-old Rochela has been picked for an official match; he already debuted at Primera during the past campaign; the Galician is a central defender, but is used to perform as a pivote.

On Friday the As Pontes-born defender explained the situation to reporters, "Today the coach tested with me and with Juan Dominguez for the position of midfielder, so I guess one of us will play. I still see myself as a central defender, but I have played on that position before and it isn't strange for me, the concepts are the same and don’t mind to play in a more advanced position or to it delayed. In the end the important thing is to help the team. I would even play as a striker if it would be necessary."

At the end of the past season it was speculated that Rochela was going to be promoted to the first team on a permanent basis, but the large number of players at the first team changed the plans and the defender has stayed at Fabril, situation that he sees as a normal thing, “I knew that to be switching between both teams was going to be my job, because sometimes I was going to be with Fabril and then with Deportivo. I am conscious that it is going to be hard to be picked, because there are a lot of team mates with a great quality. However, I knew that I was going to play more often with Fabril.”

The rest of the team should be the same one that faced Osasuna, with Lassad on the playmaking function, Yves Desmarets on the left wing, and Adrian in attack, but the options of Valerón and Riki are tempting choices that Lotina will have if he wants to make further modifications.



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