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27 Oct 2010
Same old excuses of Lotina after the latest loss of Deportivo; he was trying to be optimistic and believes that the team need to work harder. Meanwhile, the players said that the final result was deceiving, while Colotto made a curious promise.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was trying that to explain how his team lost the match in Anoeta, “Real (Sociedad) took the lead thanks to a great goal of Joseba Llorente. Later we were close to the equalizer, we saw it coming. But Bravo made a great save and then they scored the 2-0. If we would have tied the actions then things would have been different.”

The Basque man was emphasizing the return of Riki, “He is an important player that can bring a lot of things in attack. I hope that in fifteen days we could be recovering Juca, who is an important player, or Antonio Tomás.” He later continued trying to keep a positive mentality, "We need to work harder. A win in the coming game will put us alongside several teams, because we are only one game behind the permanence. I see the players convinced and willing to change the situation."

During Tuesday it was rumoured that Lotina could be fired, and the coach was admitting that it is a possibility, “I believe the president is trusting not in me, but in the players. He is cold regardless to these decisions and if he things that the team will achieve the permanence with another coach then he will do it. Until now I believe that he is not thinking of it, but his obligation is to do it if he thinks that it is the way to change the situation.”

Finally, although in a contradictive way, he announced what to expect from Thursday’s game in Copa, “As the team is struggling in liga right now we can’t be thinking of the Copa, but we will go out for it, this because the fans and the club deserve respect. I can assure you that we are going to see a new team, because we play on Sunday and there are players without minutes that deserve an opportunity.”

Diego Colotto was one of the few players that gave the face after the defeat, and the Argentine defender surprised with his promise to the fans, “We are aware of the situation lived by the club; I just want to promise to the fans that we are going to be out of the relegation zone before the Christmas break.”

Riki was explaining the strategy implemented by team, “I think we are displaying a direct game, because we have been facing problems to create elaborated plays. It is our strategy as we are trying to take advantage of secondary plays. The true is that we played better in the second part.”

David Rochela debuted on the season and the defender was feeling sorry for the defeat, “They key on the game was the attempt of Riki that was saved by Bravo, because in the next play Real (Sociedad) scored the second goal. The difference wasn’t as big as the score is saying. They had two good headers and one counterattack, after that the game was really equal. Actually, if we have scored the equalizer I believe we would have won the game, because the normal thing would have been to see Riki’s shot going in, Now we should rise up, because to think of the bottom isn’t useful.”

Another debutant was Juan Dominguez, he was trying to explain the bad luck of the strikers against the opposite goal, “We were attacking and had three clear opportunities, but the ball doesn’t want to enter on this season. Other teams are trying and are scoring. We do it and the keepers made the save of their lives. From the 1-1 we passed to the 2-0, and in that sense the result has been a bit misleading, mainly for what we did in the second half.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was trying to explain what happened in Anoeta, “With anxiety everything is more complicated. In another situation you response better to the 1-0, but the will to take the points leads you to commit mistakes. The truth is that it was an equal game until the second goal of Real Sociedad, because we could even tie the game. We know we can turn up the situation, and we still have time, but we need to start adding points now.”

Meanwhile, president Augusto César Lendoiro witnessed the defeat in Anoeta and was saying that the final score was deceiving, “I think the team was a little maladjusted; besides we missed luck as we couldn’t equalize the game just in the moment when we were deserving the result; and I think that the final score in Anoeta isn’t a good way to explain what occurred throughout the game.”

It was also informed that, after the final whistle, Depor’s boss went to the changing room and shook the hands of all the players. Reporters tried to find out if he said something to Deportivo’s men, and the best explanation was giving by Rochela, "Sometimes a look says it all"

At Real Sociedad, coach Martín Lasarte was satisfied with the final result, “Of all the matches played until now at Primera División I believe that this one is the game in which we left the best impression. Right now the goal is to display the same performance playing away from home. We must try to keep the same regularity within the next matchdays.”

Finally, Antoine Griezmann confirmed that he already had prepared the celebration of his first goal at Primera [the winger entered into a car of a sponsor on the pitch when he scored the second goal], “I am pretty happy, both for the victory and the goal. I planned it with other team mates. We planned that they were going to open the door and we did it. I like to celebrate the goals in a different way and this time it was like this. I don’t know what I’m going to do next time, but the important thing is to score and win the games.”





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