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30 Oct 2010
A positive reading from the match as Depor was playing with more secureness in defence and it even having some scoring opportunities; the media understands that all of this was possible thanks to the switch in the system.

La Opinión A Coruña: Alchemy and invisibility. Reyno de Navarra witnessed a peculiar meeting where alchemy was joined by invisibility. Let me explain. To begin some say that the experiments should be done in the lab, but what is clear is that this premise, in this case, doesn’t apply to Deportivo. And it’s that alchemist Lotina rescued the rocky tactic with five defenders that three years ago it made the team leave the pit. A good organization at the back is the key to success and the Basque man knows it. The team was better planted on the field and the Galicians had more ball control.

Depor had opportunities, but it missed again and again. And you know what happens when you forgive in football. Osasuna came in and scored. But instead of falling apart, the team gritted teeth. The local fans were still celebrating the goal when Saul sent the ball into the back of the net. Justice was done on the scoresheet, but despite the attempts of Depor, the crash died in a draw. Also, a meeting that was invisible, because no one broadcasted the game. Whether it’s a Cup match it was a meeting between two Primera clubs, but maybe for some companies it was a meeting between two teams without name or importance to deserve a place on the TV schedule. Conclusion: the Galicians fans didn’t witness the goal. It was the magic of the radio which teleported us to La Rioja, hopefully it will be the turning point of a Deportivo that may have something of an alchemist but nothing of invisible. Zeltia Regueiro.

La Voz de Galicia: Depor finds a path in Pamplona. Deportivo founds the way. It surprised Osasuna with a new tactical approach: the defense with five men that brings many good memories to the Riazor. The draw brought defensive security and also provided of an incisive attack. The Galician team deserved to win, and it was only prevented by the elf of Juanfran. More than a good result the team received an injection of self-esteem. Deployed with a 5-2-3 scheme in attack, the Galician team took the initiative from the first minute, as it was trying to amend the contemplative attitude of Anoeta. It arrived to the opposite area with some fluidity, and it did it combining between the lines. Rubén Ventureira

Xornal De Galicia: The change in the system of Miguel Angel Lotina worked out. At Reyno de Navarra Deportivo presented enough reason for the hope as it played with a good defensive unit and without giving up in attack. In fact, Deportivo managed to score its second goal in a normal play during this season. It was scored by Saul, one of the best men in the first-leg of Copa. A goal, in addition, that’s valuable ahead of the second leg, it helps greatly to improve the mood of this team as on Sunday it will have to face a very important match at the Riazor against Espanyol. The truth is that Depor deserved more than the tie. It was closer to score in the first half enjoying of clear goal opportunities for Lopo, Riki and Pablo Álvarez.

Marca: Deportivo achieved a good result as it clinched a 1-1 draw in Pamplona after Saul took advantage of a blunder committed by Osasuna, an error that came just two minutes after Los Rojillos took the lead in the scoresheet through a great goal of Juanfran. Miguel Angel Lotina, pressured by the results in liga, is taking a great reward ahead of the returning leg at the Riazor and also was a meeting to gain self-esteem, because it was a good test for the switch in the system; and it’s that Deportivo deserved a better result as it enjoyed of more and better opportunities than Osasuna.

Diario de Navarra:  The great goal of Juanfran saved a match that Osasuna could easily lose. Moments later, Deportivo capitalized a serious error of Vadócz to score the equalizer. But it could be worse, because the Galicians enjoyed in the second part of enough chances to have won the match. The tie forces Osasuna to score in two weeks at the Riazor in order to pass the round.

Camacho's team was more focused in a first part with ups and downs. It was surprised with the arrivals of Pablo Alvarez, the most incisive man for the rival, but at least it reached the opposite area with some danger; Deportivo obtained positive results with the experiment of a defensive line composed by five men. The tie was the final result and thanks. Adrian, Lopo and Pablo Alvarez had enough opportunities to have put the tie uphill for Osasuna. In the end Los Rojillos must improve their game and get a positive result at the Riazor if they want to pass the round. It will be in a fortnight. Fernando Ciordia



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