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30 Oct 2010
Despite Deportivo still missing a victory on the season, the game left positive impressions inside the team; the switch in the system brought confidence to the players and Lotina thinks that his men deserved a better result.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was pretty satisfied with the performance of his team, “I am content, because we needed to come out stronger from this game in order to face la liga, and it’s that the Copa isn’t a priority for us. With the change in the system it was important to end with good feelings, and we went out more confident than before the game. "

At the same time, the Basque considered that the final score is unfair due to the things done by his team over the pitch, “If we would have lost, then I would have committed suicide. Osasuna just had that chance [the goal of Juanfran], and the logical thing would have been a victory, because we had more scoring opportunities. But we have been unlucky on this season, nothing, in all the games, that’s the reality. I believe the team has created enough scoring opportunities to have won the match."

Later he was insisting that there are no confrontations inside the changing room, “"The changing room isn’t the problem. There are men who are not playing and today were starters for the first time and have gave me a hug, and later they told that if we continue like this we will solve the situation. That is not the problem; my relationship with the players is excellent, with everyone, because I respect everybody. It's hard to be mad with me; I don’t even fight with my wife. Another thing is that later they won’t happy with their personal situation, but I'm still waiting to see a player coming out saying that he has a bad relationship with me. I challenge you to find someone. "

Finally, Lotina was explaining his conclusions on the system with five defenders, “The risk was to suffer a bad result with this switch. There have been things that were pretty good, but we have to assume the game as what it was: a Copa match, not liga. And it’s that Osasuna also made four or five changes. Defensively we have been a little more solid, Osasuna only scored the goal, but there is room for improvement, though this was the first day the true is that we have made a pretty good job. "

Saul Fernandez scored his first official goal with Deportivo, he was explaining his feelings after the game; “I felt fine; I made a nice job and scored a goal that brought me joy and confidence before Sunday’s game. The sensations were different and the team enjoyed the game. The bet with the change in the system succeeded.”

Aythami Artiles was a starter for the first time on the season, the Canarian defender is hoping that his performance will open new opportunities to him, “These kinds of games are important for us and it should demonstrate that we are prepared to play on Sunday. We need to win the next game now and let’s hope the team will do it. The important thing is that we left a positive impression.”

At Osasuna, coach José Antonio Camacho was upset with the errors committed by his team, “We had the game inside the pocket. Everything was under control. The 1-0 was a pretty good result for us, but we have committed a couple of errors and they equalized the match. Juanfran scored a great goal, and the goal of Deportivo came in a play that’s forbidden to us, but you have to learn from your mistakes.”

Meanwhile, midfielder Rúper was expressing his disappointment with the performance of the team, “We are leaving the pitch with a bittersweet taste in the mouth, because it wasn’t a nice game for the spectator. Deportivo presented a defensive team and had its opportunities through the counterattack. Now we must resolve the returning leg. We must improve and think now of the game in Santander, we need to make a great game and pick up the three points.”





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