18 Apr 2006
Last season was a hard one for H?ctor Berenguel. He only played 275 minutes in the Primera and the current campaign seems to be the going the same way. But the different problems in Deportivo have opened a door to him since he has played in the last six matches. Now the Andalucian defender sees his future in a different light and also admits that his role in the team is to be a good substitute.

Q: How are you?
A: Happy. What everyone wants is to play. So when the opportunity knocks at your door, you receive it with joy.

Q: You’re waiting to see if you keep making the starting lineup?
A: Of course, but it doesn't depend on me, it's up to the trainer.  Let's see what happens.

Q: Will you be hurt if you don't play on Sunday?
A: No more than on the other occasions. Each time I sit on the bench or I'm not on the list of called players, I'm screwed up. It will be the same if it happens now.

Q: Would you understand the coach’s decision to leave you out of the game?
A: A football player will never understand why another player is occupying his place. In this sense, I am not as selfish as other people, but I know how to play my role. If I don't play I will get the idea that I need to improve.

Q: Are you aware that your current good luck is possibly due to the injuries in the squad?
A: Of course I am. But it isn't new for me. Since my arrival I have always played because the others were injured or suspended. To not recognize this reality would be to fool myself. However, I think that my participation in the team has always been good.

Q: You say that you know how to assume your role, but what is your role in the squad? A replacement?
A: I have been more like a replacement than a starter, so it should be that way. I think the best thing for a person is to know where he stands and his advantages and disadvantages.

Q: And you never stop smiling.
A: What else can I do? Be angry all day? It's something you learn with experience. It's hard at the beginning, but in the end you learn to live with your situation.

Q: You have played in the last six matches, but it hasn't been easy. You played as a right defender, in the centre of defense and even as a winger. Isn't it complicated to play in so many positions?
A: And the coach can continue changing my position as long as I continue playing. To be a starter is easy, the hard thing is to learn to be a good substitute. When you are in the starting eleven everything is simpler, although the coach can change your position on the pitch.

Q: So are you a good substitute?
A: I believe I am. I have patience, I don't talk, and I will be always available when I’m needed.

Q: But you talked in the past about your possible exit from the club?
A: Those were other times. In the last year I’ve had a bad experience, because I haven’t been able to play. This year is different. The coach talked with me and explained his idea to me.  A while ago we had a new and positive conversation.

Q: Does this mean you don't want to leave the club anymore?
A: I never did. If you think your situation will not change the best thing to do is to look for an exit. But I am happy here and as I said, I play my part. The truth is that when things are said to my face, everything is easier. I don't want to criticize the past methods, but I think my preferences are clear.

Q: Be honest with us. What happened with Irureta?
A: Nothing. I know people talked a lot about it and everybody believes that I had a confrontation with him, but it isn't true. My only problem with him is that he didn't use me in matches. That's all.

Q: There are five games to be played and the UEFA Cup is our target. Have you already made the calculations?
A: Yes, I think that with seven or eight more points we could qualify. We have to win at home and maybe if we can win away...

Q: But it seems to be easier to win the away games. Even some people believe that the best thing for Depor is to close the Riazor.
A: I don't agree with that. It's true that in La Coru?a a lot of people talk like that, but I’m still convinced that we will end strongly at home. I prefer to play at the Riazor, no matter how bad we have performed there before.

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