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31 Oct 2010
Fourth official confrontation between Lotina and Pochettino; and the Basque still searching for his first win over his former student. Depor’s coach was confirming the continuity of the new system for the clash.

Mauricio Pochettino is an Argentine former player that spent his career between Newell's Old Boys,
RCD Espanyol, Paris Saint-Germain and Girondins Bordeaux. Pochettino played 276 liga matches with the Catalan side within his two periods at the club (1994-2000 and 2004-2006). He also completed 20 caps with Argentina’s national team, including one appearance in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. 

He was hired as the coach of Espanyol after José Manuel Esnal ‘Mané’ was fired at the start of the past year, and the results were good enough as the team stayed out of trouble. This is Pochettino’s fourth confrontation against Miguel Angel Lotina, who was his “teacher” when the Basque man was coaching the Catalan club. And Pochettino has won the previous three meetings: 3-1 on the season 2008/09 and the 3-2 and 2-0 wins of the past campaign.

The Basque coach gave a press conference after Saturday’s training session; he was confirming that Depor will use again the playing system with five defenders, “Yes, in the beginning we are going to repeat the same draw, practically it is the same lineup.” However, he didn’t want to confirm the presence of Adrian as a starter as it was saw during the practice, “It may be; we will leave the doubt until tomorrow. He has been the reference in previous opportunities, so he can perform there without problems.”

Later, Lotina was explaining the reasons why Guardado and Desmarets weren’t picked for the match, “He (Guardado) has just joined the trainings on these days and Desmarets is in the same situation. Laure had an ankle problem and Desmarets faced an injury in San Sebastian… Juca… and Guardado were training until today, buy I preferred to pick the people that were totally fit to play. During the week they will have more training sessions and should be back for next Sunday.”

But the major part of the press conference was related to Lendoiro’s declarations the day before, the coach said to be more worried of the current crisis in la liga than of his job, “I am worried, because I know the situation is complicated, but at the same time I am feeling encouraged… don’t know how to explain it… I am just convinced. I just don’t think of those things now. If we win then things will be fine, if we lose then it will happen what it has to happen.”

“What he (Lendoiro) said the other day is the normal thing you could expect from a club’s official. He was clear. The president is wishing for a victory and to see Lotina continuing, but he can’t guarantee the continuity of a coach. If he has to make a decision he will do it, and if now he allows my continuity later people can reclaim that he was saying one thing and in the next month is doing the opposite. But I don’t have any doubt that Lendoiro wants to see us winning, among other things because he wants to see me staying here. But not even I was expecting to see him saying what he said. If something happens it will be caused for the bad results and not for other reason.” He added

About the switch in the system, Lotina was saying that it brought confidence to the team, “I think we made a good match on Thursday, and we almost lost, but in the end we equalized thanks to their error. The important thing is the attitude and the team was feeling more comfortable, and that’s the advantage of the switch in the system. We will see what happens tomorrow.”

As always the former Espanyol coach was saying that he is convinced that Depor won’t have any problem to achieve the permanence, “I just know that we have plenty of time and for that reason I am convinced that this team won’t suffer the relegation, with or without Lotina. We have plenty of quality and we are willing to surpass the situation.” Finally, talking of the rival, he just said that, “They are up there on the standings and picking up good results.”

The coach gave a press conference on Saturday’s morning; he started explaining that it is difficult for him to choose between Kameni and Cristian Álvarez for the goalkeeping position, “I have to choose between Cristian and Kameni and that’s a blessed problem, not a dilemma. It is better to have two great goalkeepers to be forced to pick one and break my head each time I need to do a lineup. “

He was also arguing that the casualty of midfielder Javi Márquez will mean an important setback for his side, "The team undergoes a transformation every time he is out of the lineup. It is a different player, but each one has their peculiarities and I hope to find the best solution to face the match.”

The Argentine coach was also targeting the victory in order to stay at the top positions, “We must fight until death to pick up the three points, and it is a vital meeting to stay living at the top of the standings. It is a complicated match, very difficult because we are facing a rival with the need to add the points and that makes it dangerous and less predictable ".

Finally, Pochettino was analyzing the fact of been facing a defensive line composed by five men, "It is not easy, but with five men at defense different routes are now opened to hurt them, hopefully we can create scoring opportunities."



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