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02 Nov 2010
Happiness and satisfaction; those were the sensations of Lotina and the players after the first victory of the season. The players also praised the new system implemented by the Basque coach.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was pretty satisfied with the performance of his team, “We didn’t remember what was to win a game. I'm happy for the players and the fans. We have defeated a rival with a lot of football and speed and at times they locked us at the back, but we were fine in strategic plays and we think this is the way; humans always react when they see themselves in trouble."

Later, the Basque coach revealed his physiological strategy before the kick-off, “I told them to play quietly, that if they were going to lose then they should remain quiet, because I would be grateful for the three years I have been here. But the true is that I already knew they were going to win, that’s why I gave that speech [he laughed]."

"What we have done is to put us again, a little bit, in the fight. We still in the fight… The team has gained confidence. We could lose and win, but the team is already a team, a competitive squad. Now we're there. Just when it seemed that we weren’t." He finalized.

Side defender Diego Seoane was explaining the reasons why Deportivo clinched the three points, “We are pretty happy with the first win on the season; the true is that we didn’t forgive in set-pieces and at the same time were a solid team on the pitch. In a personal sense I like this system, because it allows me to attack more frequently.”

Midfielder Rubén Pérez was also satisfied with the triumph; the Andalusian was saying that the victory demonstrates that the players support the coach, “We were needing to win a match like this; the team was passing through a bad moment and now we are content and should be trusting in the coach.”

“The goal of Lopo was a great joy, because we wanted to demonstrate that we all are supporting the coach, and also that the team is united. It was what the squad and the fans needed. We knew that Espanyol was a good team, and until the first goal we had several problems, but later were playing more relaxed.” The Andalusian midfielder added.

Captain Manuel Pablo was analyzing what happened on the pitch, “Today Espanyol had the ball possession, but we were alert and focused on the new system; we felt strong and this is the mentality in order to continue. I want to say that the tribute of Lopo to the coach was his idea and it should demonstrate that we are united; the coach deserves it.”

The Canarian was also praising the new system implemented by the Basque coach, “The other day, against Osasuna, we already did some good things, and in the end we almost missed the draw. Now, we neither played a good game, but at least we must complicate the things to the rivals. We never left any gap in defense, the rival doesn’t find the way to surpass us and that’s the way. We feel strong with this system.”

Central defender Albert Lopo was explaining why he celebrated the goal giving a hug to Lotina, “We are the ones living the day-by-day at the changing room and sometimes some things that aren’t true come out in the papers. The true is that the team has been united since the beginning. I dedicated the goal to my parents and the coach, because he always was correcting us and deserves it. “

“Let’s hope we will be able to follow this line and leave the pit as soon as possible; it was an important victory, because we were fighting in order to be among that group of clubs with seven points. The true is that I was lucky to score the goal.” The Catalan defender added.

Diego Colotto was among the best players in the game, he scored a goal and even gave two assists, he was commenting the actions, “We seized the set-pieces, but the most important thing is that we cut the bad streak that was worrying us. We still living a complex situation, but at least the team has showed signs of improvement and commitment with the group and also with the coach.”

“There were some bad things too, like the fact that the team wasn’t able to have the ball possession, but I believe that the keys were the attitude, the will and the fact that we scored some goals, and that’s fundamental for us. This victory should bring calmness to the changing room, but this is just starting, it will be a tough fight within the next months and let’s hope we will find the way out. “ The Argentine added.

Striker Adrian also said that he felt fine with the new system, "I was feeling pretty comfortable behind Riki; he is a strong player and a big support for those of us that were coming from behind. Things were fine playing like this, so I guess the system won't be changed. The team was serious in all the lines and we seized the set-pieces. We must continue on this line and try to improve game by game. I felt fine playing towards the wing, because you have more options of receiving the ball and I liked it. I also helped in defense, but all of us should be contributing in attack and in defense."

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also commenting the game, “We shouldn’t forget that the rival was fifth on the standings. We can’t doubt of the coach and the team; we are all together on this; this squad is above other teams and for that reason we must remain calmed. We have a responsibility and we took the decisions that are the best for the club and the coach knows it, therefore sometimes you need to take some decisions that you don’t like.”

Former football legend Luis Suárez witnessed the victory at the stands, the Galician now linked with Inter Milan was visiting Depor and commented the situation at the club, “In all the teams the players are more important than the coach, without the players you can’t win. The coach just needs to treat the players fairly and not commit decisive or important errors. If not, what count are the players and they are the ones carrying away with the situation.”

“The true is that Depor was a little nervous, but the important thing is to surpass the situation and do better things, so Deportivo could be able to stay at Primera. When the teams aren’t working the string always breaks by the weakest part, but a change of coach won’t necessary improve the things. Not because you change Lotina Depor will now qualify to the Champions League.” He added.

At Espanyol, coach Mauricio Pochettino was pretty disappointed with the performance of his team, “Those are three goals that we can’t allow; I mean three set-pieces. We didn’t know how to defend those kinds of situations and that explains the final result of the game. I am leaving pretty upset, as everybody else, because we knew they could harm us and still we allowed three goals in a game that we had under control, and all was thanks to three strategic plays.”

President Daniel Sánchez Llibre was also commenting the game, “Deportivo’s win was bigger than we expected, and I always said that you can’t say anything until the game ends. On this opportunity it was time to lose. In the second half we didn’t play like in the first part, and we must congratulate Deportivo. We can’t be walking around thinking of the Champions League and someday Deportivo should be waking up. But nothing happens and is now time to think of Almeria.”





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