03 Nov 2010
After three months in the shadows central defender Adrian Lůpez ĎPiscuí has finally decided to give an interview; Sportpaper AS found him living in Wigan and the player spoke of his situation. The defender said to be fine and that heís a free agent.

Q: Since when you are living in England?
A: Since July 20. I needed a change and wanted to know another country. The possibility of signing for Wigan showed up and I accepted.

Q: How were things so far?
A: It has been three months of adaptation, working and waiting for the permission to play for Wigan. First I lived in a hotel until I found a house, which is the same one where Ivan Campo  lived for seven years. And then I started looking for car. It hasnít been different from what happens in Spain when you change your club. My life is similar to the one I had in A CoruŮa. I have focused on training, resting and live any player's routine.

Q: What about the issue of driving on the left side of the road and what about the language?
A: For the moment I havenít had any accident driving on the left. And regardless to the issue with the language, when I arrived hardly spoke any English. Just what I studied in school, but now I already have a teacher. In addition, the team has twelve players who speak Spanish, so I have no communication problems. At the squad there are only three Englishmen and four Scottish.

Q: Do you see many changes compared to Spain?
A: Here the teams donít travel by plane, because the longer trips only last three hours, so we always go by bus or train. Neither there are concentrations before the games, we just meet for lunch and from there go to the stadium. I was also surprised for the tranquility of the players, because in Spain you give a lot of interviews and live every day surrounded by journalists.

Q: In fact, this situation (living three months without being discovered by the media) could never happen in Spain...
A: I know. In England there is no media at the training sessions and everything is calmer. Here I havenít been bothered and have passed unnoticed. In Spain it would have been impossible to spend three months without been photographed.

Q: Have you experienced difficult times?
A: Yes, when I saw that the team was starting to play and that I wasnít available, because the international transfer didnít arrive. But to adapt to a new culture and a different football hasnít been hard for me.

Q: Did you feel like a fugitive?
A: Not a fugitive, because I was a free agent. I ended contract with them; I decided to leave Depor for a sporting issue and I told my agent. Then he told the president.

Q: There has been much speculation in Spain about your situation; that if you were hiding in your village; that if you were in another part of Spain; that if you were in in EnglandÖ
A: Especially at the beginning, I received many calls from journalists trying to find me, also some friends, because they were worried about the things that came out in the papers. The media has been chasing me to know my version of the events. It is also true that all broke down within a week without liga and there was a lot of space to fill, so I think my case was exaggerated at the time. After it everything has calmed down.

Q: Why you spent all this time without saying anything?
A: Because my work is not to talk to the media, is to play football. It is true that there have been times when I've been wishing to make statements and give my version, because my family and friends were very concerned.

Q: What does your family say on this?
A: They respect my decision of leaving Depor and the join the Premier League. What matters is to be happy.

Q: Have you ever regretted for taking this decision?
A: I never thought that I was wrong. My decision of leaving Deportivo was motivated for a sporting issue and I wanted to go to a club that could give me the chance to play. Wigan has trusted in me and I am totally grateful.

Q: But Depor insists that you have a contract with them.
A: I didnít renew for Deportivo, and because of the existing legislation in Spain, and since I was promoted from the youth squad and been younger than 23, I was included in the list of players under the clause of Ďformation and promotioní. But I never renewed for Depor. They wanted to sell the story like this and I donít know why.

Q: Have you ever been contacted by the club?
A: Nobody. At the time they sent me an official fax to inform me that they were putting me into the formation list and therefore wanted to extend my contract for another year. We responded that my idea was to go to a foreign team. Therefore I am a free player, since the formation list is only effective for Spanish teams.

Q: What does Deportivo means for you?
A: It is part of my past and I am very grateful. But my present and future is linked with Wigan. We are only waiting for the transfer to start playing with my new team.

Q: Have you talked to any Deporís player?
A: I keep in touch with several of them, because I made many friends. I have been called by several former team mates and I appreciate the detail. There is a great group in that locker room. They know the two versions of the story and want the best for me.

Q: Do you know that they are penultimate in la liga?
A: I'm still a Deportivo fan and see all the games. The team is living a bad streak, but there is plenty of quality to leave the pit.

Q: Lotina said you were wrong and that he you have been poorly advised by you agent.
A: His declarations surprised me, because he knows me and knows how I am. I will not get into a debate with him. I understand that he is defending his job, but is speaking as a coach of Deportivo. If he were the coach of Wigan, then he would say the opposite. I didnít understand the statements that he made about my agent. An agent does what the player wants, not vice versa. The idea of coming to England is mine, it wasnít of my family, neither of my friends nor my agent, and I decide these things.

Q: And Lendoiro?
A: He is a great president, but many players have had problems when they left the club, and I wonít be an exception. He says that I have been inscribed with the team, but I am a free agent.

Q: Any plan of returning to Spain, maybe someday?
Not now. Through my head it only passes the idea of succeeding in England.



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