04 Nov 2010
Albert Lopo gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Catalan central defender talked of his relationship with Lotina and also of Deporís near future after the first victory on the liga competition.

Q: How long to conquer the first victory!
A: Yes, most important was that it occurred in front of Deporís fans; it was a different picture from what they have seen so far and that's what we want to prove until the end of the season: that we are a team with commitment. As had always been the identity of Deportivo, but unfortunately there were matches in which were didnít match the expectations and we have been paying the price.

Q: You did it when the situation seemed more dramatic.
A: Yes, the team was aware of what was at stake. Not winning on Sunday would have been a huge setback, because we would be far from the other teams, but by winning we are again in the group of teams that are with 7-8 points and now we must fight.

Q: It was especially important for the coach, did you know that he was playing for his head?
A: Yes, it was clear after everything that was said during the week... we didnít know whether it was an ultimatum or not, but when those things come out in the papers it is because there is something, and what we all wanted to do was to win. The coach deserves to stay, because he has done a great job during all these years and the team is fully committed to him.

Q: You are the player whom, perhaps, known him better.
A: I've seen him in difficult situations, but the truth is that this was or is really complicated, and it is clear that it deserved to stay here with us.

Q: Was this the more complicated situation in which you have seen him?
A: Well, maybe for all that was surrounding the team, the environment, for all that has been said. I donít know if it was an extreme situation for him or not, but it really was complicated for him.

Q: It was even said that you didnít have a good relationship with him.
A: Yes, when things go wrong you always have to sharpen somewhere, and that is totally false. I have spent many years with him and, on the contrary, I am very grateful for all he has done for me.

Q: Was it spontaneous the celebration of the goal?
A: No, I already had it planned. I wanted to score and above all, the most important thing was to win, but we were lucky and we could celebrate it.

Q: During the celebration of the goal it seemed that he didnít want to participate.
A: Heís a very private person, someone that never wants to participate in anything, but he deserved it.

Q: Do you know him well?
A: I was with him during two tears at Espanyol, plus two years on here. This lets you know him almost at a glance. He has seen me of all colors: good, bad and certainly is the most important person in my career.

Q: He has said that you are like a son to him.
A: He helps me in many non-sporting issues and I am very grateful.

Q: You have saved the first match ball.
A: Now we are elated by the win, because the team has left another impression, but we still down there and we must make good this victory in Valencia trying to win against Levante, which is also a team that is there with us, and from there to pull things up, because the team deserves to be in a different position than we are.

Q: Are you in favour of continuing with the same scheme of five defenders?
A: Yes, I see it right. Any system can only succeed by the players, but a change was good for us and now it has been the system, and the better thing is to switch the system and not the coach. We have adapted very well to it and now we have to refine it and continue.

Q: Your goal showed that the scoresheet is still working.
A: Yes, we trained during the week and it shows that the work during the sessions also pays off and we were also lucky.

Q: Your companion, Colotto, participated in all the three goals.
A: Yes, maybe he has a magnet on the head, he finds all the crosses to the far post and later we try to catch his passes. The truth is that it helps a lot in the strategy.

Q: Finally enjoying a quiet week.
A: Yes, quiet, but I insist that we havenít won anything, not yet. We have taken a step forward, but there are many to take.



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