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24 Oct 2005
The next rival in la liga has their own troubles. Injuries, suspended players and a lot of criticism against the referees are the daily news in Madrid during this days. Coach Luxemburgo will have to use several alternatives in order to present a solid block this Wednesday at Riazor.

Ronaldo and Baptista suffered different injuries on the last week, they didn't play against Valencia this past weekend and the squad suffered the consequences: a defeat against Valencia. The importance of the Brazilian duo is evident since both men are responsible of nine goals scored during the present season. Luxemburgo will have to trust once again in the contribution of Robinho, Ra??l and Roberto Soldado. A combination that didn't work against the Valencians.

In midfield Real Madrid is facing more difficulties. Gravesen and Beckham saw a red card on Sunday and Luxemburgo will have to improvise positions. And the worst thing came on Tuesday, Zinedine Zidane is suffering from physical problems and he will not be ready for the match. Pablo Garc?a will play in the place of Gravesen, but there's no natural substitute for Beckham and Zidane. One solution could be the youngster Balboa or De la Red. The first is an offensive winger and the other one is a defensive player. In the case of Zidane the youngster Javi Garc?a is the main choice to replace the French star.

If the headache in midfield isn't enough Luxemburgo have more troubles in the defensive line. Michel Salgado is only returning after his injury and his participation in the Riazor's game is improbable. In this order the Brazilian coach will have to think carefully who will play in the defensive central positions. The most probable solution would be Woodgate and Helguera playing on that spots, Sergio Ramos on the right side and Carlos Diogo on the left.

Another thing concerning the Madrilians is the performance of the referees. Lately Real Madrid is complaining of a ?obscure campaign’ against them since they suffered a 'ghost goal' against Celta, a couple of 'unfair' penalties and several yellow/red cards that the players don't think are normal. The last chapter on this history was the two yellow cards that Beckham saw on Sunday. Referee Daud?n Ib???ez sent him off for his reclamation and his attitude after he applauded him for the first yellow card showed. This incident caused several critics in Madrid. Pablo Garc?a even said that the referee showed the red card to Beckham because the English man is 'too blond and pretty '.

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