06 Nov 2010
Striker Riki has been one of the main news during the week, because Lotina has worked a lot with the Madrilenian in order to prepare him for the game at Levante. The ex-Getafe talked of it during an interview at La Voz de Galicia.

Q: Is more exhausting to play as the lonely striker?
A: It's a position that I already know, one in which I have already played. In the end, perhaps, the only difference is that you donít participate much in the game as the players coming from the second line, but it is job that must have constancy.

Q: Lotina has been working a lot with you during the week.
A: Yeah, well, I must correct the control over the ball, how to get it backwards the goal... itís nothing new for me, but we are emphasizing how to find a way out for the attacks, to get an output for the ball, how to hold it and wait for the incorporations of the players on the wings, in other words football situations.

Q: Do you expect to score your first goal against Levante?
A: Yes, because I have been close to score and look forward to do it as soon as possible. It is true that against Espanyol I did not have many opportunities, just a header, but against Getafe and Real Sociedad, yes, I could have scored some goals.

Q: Are the eight goals of last season a reflection that you already are in a point of maturity?
A: Yes, I have enjoyed every year on here and if I can overcome that mark of eight goals, then it will be welcomed. What I ask is to be respected by the injuries. Last season was very good, because despite I didnít have continuity in the game I still scored those goals, and this year I didnít begin as a starter, later I suffered the injury and now is just like I am starting.

Q: The new system has brought fresh air and more optimism to the team, but you still at the bottom.
A: Itís useless to have defeated Espanyol if we donít achieve a positive result at Levante. I think it was an important victory, in addition to the three goals, but the team won again, it regained its confidence and above all it found out a style of playing. We learned how to compete and that's the most important thing.

Q: Maybe you were needing to believe in what you are doing?
A: Outside home we have played tough matches, but at home we missed to play with intensity, to find the pace and compete, because sometimes we were only competing for fifteen minutes and the game lasts ninety. In both matches, Pamplona and against Espanyol, we competed for ninety minutes and always got something.

Q: Last Sunday's victory was useful to save the head of the coach...
A: [He interrupts]. The most important thing is that people were talking of disunity among the coaches and the squad, and I think our greatest strength is that we are partners and as the coach remains with us we're going to the top with him.

Q: Have you phoned Sergio?
A: More than a partner is a friend, because we shared many years, as well as a roommate.

Q: He already scored twice.
A: Yes, he is coming from behind in the plays. The goals that he has scored are what he was asked on here and what he never did; he is an offensive player, with criterion and is doing a great job.



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