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06 Nov 2010
The month of October wasn’t positive for Depor as Lotina’s squad clinched its first win of the season until the last day, but Colotto seized that victory to not just earn the award of player of the month, but also to reach the top of the overall table.

Diego Colotto's single match-winning performance versus Espanyol has earned him October's RCDLC.com player of the month award. It was another dark month for Deportivo, but the last match ended the opposite way to the first -a positive victory and much optimism for the future-

And it’s that the Argentine defender wasn’t part of the top three list in any of the three previous matches voted by the Peña members, it was all thanks to his performance against Espanyol, and mainly to the fact that this was the first game on the season in which the whole squad was voted with a positive note of three, which is the highest possible note and that multiplied by the same number the normal valorization factor.

In the other three voted games during the month Andres Guardado (Real Madrid), Laure (Osasuna, liga) and Riki (Real Sociedad) clinched the man of the match award (MOM), but Depor never passed of a collective note of one. Anyhow those three players are among the top nine positions in the overall ranking.

The new rating system at RCDLC.com brings some novelties for the season 2010/11, starting with the fact that the Peña members can now rate the collective performance of the team (collective note), which means to multiply the points gained by the first three places; plus the option to reward or punish any player with an extra point for a specific reasons. These two novelties make more accurate the system.

Ratings on the month:

At Real Madrid (liga, 3/10/10)
1st. Guardado - 5 points (16)
2nd. Lassad - 3 points (10)
3rd. J. Rodriguez - 1 point (9)
PB: None

Collective Note: 1 (low) 

Vs Osasuna (liga, 17/10/10)
1st. Laure - 5 points (10)
2nd. R. Perez - 3 points (7)
3rd. Desmarets - 1 point (5)
PB: None
Collective Note: 1 (low) 

At Real Sociedad (liga, 26/10/10)
1st. Riki - 5 points (14)
2nd. R. Pérez - 3 points (13)
3rd. Laure -  1 point (7)
PB: None
Collective Note: 1 (low) 

Vs Espanyol (liga, 31/10/10)
1st. Colotto - 15 points (28)
2nd. Adrian - 9 points (27)
3rd. Lopo - 3 points (7)
PB: Aythami & Seoane
Collective Note: 3 (high) 

Overall table: Now Colotto is leading in the standings, but there is another player that has seized the month: Ruben Pérez. The Andalusian midfielder is the only one that appeared more than once in the tables of the matches played in the month, in the end he picked six points in October, enough to reach the third spot in the overall, now he’s just four points below Guardado

Overall Table
1st. Colotto - 23 pts 
2nd. Guardado - 20 pts
3rd. Ruben Perez - 16 pts
4th. Manu - 10 pts
5th. Adrian - 9 pts
5th. Laure - 9 pts
7th. Desma - 7 pts
7th. Lassad - 7 pts
9th. Riki - 5 pts
9th. Urreta - 5 pts
11h. Lopo - 3 pts
11h. Tomas - 3 pts
13th. Aythami - 1 pt
13th. Juan Rodriguez - 1 pt.
13th. Morel - 1 pt.
13th. Seoane - 1 pt




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