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07 Nov 2010
The second youngest coach at Primera faces the most experienced coach in la liga; Lotina was saying that his team is living a good moment after achieving the first win on the season, while Luis Garcia believes that this is a key match for his side.

It seems that young coaches are in vogue in Spain, in the past decade it was normal to see experienced coaches at Primera División, men that usually were above the 50’s, but things are changing as now it’s more common to see younger coaches in la liga, and several of them are pretty successful, like the cases of Mourinho (47), Guardiola (39), Juan Carlos Garrido (41), Unai Emery (39), Pochettino (37) and Quique Sánchez Flores (45).

And the second youngest coach at Primera is perhaps the most unknown name among the twenty teams in the division: Luis Garcia Plaza. He is nine months older than Pochettino and barely has experience as a professional coach. García is a former player that spent his career at Segunda División B clubs, later he started his career as a coach in 2001 and spent five years coaching clubs between Segunda B & Tercera.

The Madrilenian coach had his big first opportunity as he was hired as the coach of Elche for the season 2006/07, which was his first experience at Segunda A, but he only lasted one year at the job. Two years later he got a new chance as he arrived to Levante UD, and this time he seized the opportunity as his team clinched the promotion to Primera. Now, in his tenth match at Primera División, he’s is facing the active coach with more games at Primera División: Miguel Angel Lotina, who already accumulates 367 matches at the elite.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference before the trip to Levante; he started explaining why Seoane is a starter and not Paraguayan Claudio Morel, “It is true that Morel had played as a winger during a whole year in Argentina, but surely not as we want, though I neither saw him. I believe Seoane will be fine with this system, same goes for Rindarøy, and also was for Filipe. I still want to see Morel on that function. I need running people and Seo is like that.”

He was also explaining his personal lessons to Riki during the latest training sessions, “When you are a striker coming from the second line the movements and the control over the ball must be different to the one you should have performing as a central attacker. Riki tends to play towards the wing and must learn new things. He was saying to me ‘coach, but I am already 30”… But Inzaghi is 37 and is still scoring goals.”

Later, the Basque man was explaining the current state of his players, “We commented after the game with Espanyol, and also during the week, that the team is feeling more comfortable using this system and you can notice this. After a couple of negative months people is now willing to do important things, and all caused by the new style of playing.”

“Any team can’t be in peace, neither our current situation at the table is to be in peace, but the joy and confidence on the pitch make you feel more effective, and the true is that we are living that kind of situation, though we can be sure that we won’t be in calm during the whole year.”  He added.

Finally, Depor’s coach was talking of the rival, “They can play with a lot of tall people, or if not they can try to play between the lines. They have the players for that. Levante is a great team and it’s prepared to fight, so this is going to be a tough match.”

Levante’s coach gave a press conference on Friday; he was emphasizing the importance of a victory in this game, “"If we win then we can put a direct opponent four points under us and, depending on what Zaragoza does, the distance could also grow with the Aragonian team. For us it is fundamental to have an important distance of several points with the bottom teams."

“We have lost two straight matches and need to recover against a rival that, despite not having a good start, has defeated Espanyol with a 3-0 score, and for that reason they are coming with plenty of confidence. “ He added.

Later, Luis Garcia was analyzing Depor’s style of playing, “Their recovery coincided with a switch in the system. They began with four defenders and passed to a line composed by five men at the back, and it is bringing good results to them. Deportivo always have seven players behind the ball. They are a strong team that is doing fine in set pieces and seizes the counterattacks. "

He still was upset after his team lost the past game with Mallorca within the last five minutes, “The team is fine now. But we still need to close some details. I didn’t like the second goal of Mallorca. We can’t lose a match at the 85th minute from a corner-kick. We must try to have a better reading of the matches. We can’t finish the match in Mallorca winning, or even tying, with only two yellow cards. I don’t mean you have to kick anybody, but you need a better control over the matches; you have to control the pace when you get ahead or even when you're tied, because you're playing away from home, you are not interested in an open game. We must learn to control all the situations. "

"There are still many games but is really important to add points against these direct rivals, because in the end everything counts. You have to win these games and put a nice distance with them. It is vital to add the win and reach the mark of the eleven points, which means to be in the middle of salvation. It is a vital game for us, because we are playing the tenth matchday in liga, also because winning at home will mean to reach a good mental situation. We need to cut that losing streak. If we don’t win against Deportivo then it is to take a step back. "



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