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12 Nov 2010
Despite that Depor achieved a third victory in a row, it didn’t raise the emotions in La Coruña. Just one newspaper in the city wrote an analysis of the game, and it wasn’t positive as it was criticizing the offensive game of Lotina’s team.

La Opinión A Coruña: Lacking depth. Deportivo, despite passing the round and staying alive in Copa, needed the expulsion of Sergio to really dominate the game. Until that point I think we saw two separate matches. It was a turning point because until that moment Deportivo did almost nothing, it needed to see Osasuna staying with ten men in order to react. The problem is partly located at the defense with five players. It is being used to save the games, but it needs more presence from the side defenders. There must be more support. There are few arrivals on the wings. It’s fine for the defensive tasks, but at home its necessary to see team creating more scoring opportunities. In this sense, things improved with the entry of Rubén. With the expulsion there were more spaces. The team had more ball possession and more presence of Valerón and Juan Rodriguez. Moreover we should mention the injuries. If the players aren’t ready yet, then is necessary to give them more time and not rush things. It is not normal to have so many injuries. Luis Rodriguez Vaz

AS (Madrid): Deportivo eliminated Osasuna from Copa Del Rey and this time the victory came with the signing of the strikers. A normal thing on any team, except in La Coruña. Lassad, who spent a year without scoring, and Riki were hoping to demonstrate that not only the central defenders are on fire at Deportivo. Meanwhile, the Navarrans paid the price for their ineffective game in the first half and the expulsion of Sergio in the second, but kept the uncertainty until the end.

Osasuna looked to be the better side assimilating the many changes at the starting formations. The Navarrans  could have scored within the first minutes. It seemed that the match was going to be entertaining, but it was a false alarm. Saving the first five minutes, the rest of the first part left a feeling of tedium and boredom at the stands.

After the break Deportivo shook the domain of Osasuna and soon it appeared to leave the tie on track. The central defenders were specializing in scoring goals since the day of the change in the system, but last night Ze Castro wanted to contribute in his own way. The Portuguese pulled off a great cross from the right and Riki, with a header, made no mistake inside the box. It was the second goal for the striker in four days, great news for a Deportivo that was missing goals before. And it wasn’t the only good news,

Two minutes later, a hand cost the second yellow to Sergio. The game looked sentenced, but the Navarrans came back with ten men and Lekic signed the draw after an assist (in fact, a bad shot) of Vadócz and a good individual play of Juanfran. With the menace of the extra-time flying around the Riazor, Deportivo’s reaction came as lightning out of a clear sky. Osasuna didn’t have time to enjoy the equalizer. On the next play, Valerón made a routine pass for him (not so much to others) and Lassad said thanks with a powerful shot that went to the top-corner, away from Riesgo. The Marseille-born attacker scored his last goal on November 1st. Some will think it is not much time, but things change when you explain to them that it was not this year but 2009. Too many months of drought and it explains the rage with which Lassad celebrated his goal. Osasuna did no longer had the strength to go for a new comeback, although it was only needing a goal in the tie. The goal remains the league, but Deportivo is already in the second round of the Cup. Carlos Méndez

Diario de Navarra: Premature good-bye. In the first round, Osasuna is already out of the Copa del Rey. This year, the elimination has come too early. Facing a rival of Primera in last-32 round, and especially with an adverse result in the first-leg, has cut the aspirations of Los Rojillos. Yesterday at the Riazor, the team couldn’t harvest the positive result they sought for. It fell down by a goal, exactly what it needed to qualify.

Osasuna had things controlled during big part of the game. It completed an encouraging first half in which it only missed to score, and then paid an expensive price for an over-relaxation that was exploited by an unambitious Deportivo. Sergio was sent off in what was another red card for Osasuna playing away from home. Still, the equalizer of Lekic opened a door to the hope, which seconds later was destroyed by the goal of Lassad that sentenced the pass. Camacho’s team will now focus on the league. Fernando Ciordia

Diario de Noticias (Navarra): Osasuna lost by its own mistakes. Osasuna has been eliminated from Copa Del Rey for their own mistakes, rather than the merits of their rival. An error of Riesgo in Depor's first goal, the expulsion of Sergio for a second yellow at minutes 56 and, above all, the lack of definition in the first half, part in which the Navarrans had the rival against the ropes, eventually eliminated Osasuna in an exciting tournament where the club and the squad had high hopes. The final 2-1 score wasn’t fair, but it was logical after the shortcomings. Also the 1-1 of the first-leg, with that resounding failure of Vadócz when he lost the ball, was a key to understand the overall situation of the tie and the development of the game at the Riazor. Pedro Lanas.



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