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12 Nov 2010
Satisfaction after achieving the pass to the next round, almost all the players and Lotina were praising the system with five defenders, while doctor Arriaza was explaining the injury cases hitting the club.

Satisfaction after achieving the pass to the next round, almost all the players and Lotina were praising the system with five defenders, while doctor Arriaza was explaining the injury cases hitting the club.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was analyzing the game of his team, “In the first part we haven´t been fine with the ball; Osasuna has pressed a lot and we've been jammed, losing the ball pretty easy. We had a few counterattacks, but more for the spaces at their defensive zone rather than for our game. In the second we started to play better, the goal has calmed the nerves, and we started to play after the expulsion. They tied by accident, but the logical thing was to win, because we were dominating the situation. In the first half, when the picture was eleven against eleven, it was hard for us. The most important action in football is the pass. And in the first half we have missed all the passes, in the second the understanding was better; we were feeling more comfortable and we had more arrivals. They ended with ten men, so the sides were empty and we put them in trouble."

Despite the qualification, the Basque coach didn’t seemed too happy with the qualification, “The victory is good, but only because it was another win. Not necessarily for been a triumph in Copa. We like to be part of the next draw, but it wasn’t one of our priorities. However, we still adding wins and seeing how our people is getting used to the new system, besides we watched two great goals and some young people evolving, and that means a little steep forward. We have just erased four days of vacation, but everything to defend the shield –the next round will be played between December 22 and January 5, which means to shorten the Christmas vacations-“

Once again he was defending the system with five defenders, “This system gives more confidence to the team; the players are feeling more comfortable, because although the rival dominates us they don’t create too many scoring opportunities. And that taking in mind that almost the entire defense was new. We must improve; in this game we have been pushed more close to our defensive zone, more than in previous opportunities using this system, now we have to analyze and seek solutions. The improvement passes through having the ball possession. “

Finally, Lotina applauded the performance of Seoane and was trying to explain the injury of Juca, “It isn’t the same to play as a side defender in a defensive line of five men than in a system with four defenders, as it isn’t the same in Argentina than in Spain. I think Seoane has the conditions to play there, because those are his skills. He made a great game. We are also having a lot of injuries, and some men are repeating… Juca was already training at the top, on Sunday he played for a while; he was working at the top, so we didn’t precipitate his return.”

Side defender Diego Seoane was happy for the pass to the next round, “It wasn’t necessary to forget about the Copa, because it is a competition that we can’t despise. We suffered in this game, but the important thing is that we won. I must say that I felt fine, mainly because I was performing at the right side, I feel more natural on that position.”

His partner at Fabril, David Rochela, was also delighted with the result and for having an opportunity with the first team, “We made a very serious match and the true is that we were highly involved in the actions. I am just enchanted for the fact of been playing, no matter is liga or Copa. The true is that we are having good results thanks to be block at the back zone.”

Meanwhile midfielder Juan Rodriguez was thinking of the future and the possible rival for the next round, “It was important to achieve the pass, now it’s the same for us the rival that we will face, we just have to wait for the draw.”

Riki, one of the scorers in the game, was also talking of the issue, “I am happy for been passing the round, though the Christmas vacations will be shorter. We are professionals and surely the eliminated teams are in a worse situation. I would love to face a Madrilenian team, because it’s my home. A giant club secures a good attendance and that’s good for the club, but well I’m careless of the rival, though it’s better if it is from Madrid.”

Young midfielder Juan Dominguez was admitting that the team felt lost on the pitch during the first minutes, “We were a little disoriented and it was hard to enter into the match, but once we were there things changed. The good thing is that we passed the round and let’s see what happens now.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also content with the pass to the last-16 round, “It's always good to win; the team is gaining confidence, there is progress in Copa Del Rey and now God will decide. It's complicate, and more taking in mind we are facing two-leg series, almost all the favorites pass the round. For now we are alive and feeling satisfied as everybody ends up playing. Deportivo has changed a lot from Sunday to today, despite the injuries; you could notice that we have a large squad. "

Maybe the more interesting declarations are related to doctor Rafael Arriaza, he was trying to explain the cases of Ze Castro and Juca, “He –Ze Castro- had a small problem and I think he will be back in three or four days. Juca suffered a muscular problem, for now it is what we know… it is the flexor area in the hamstring region, he needs time, at least 48 hours to make a new scan and realize how serious the case is, because he just felt a sensation of a prick, but since it is a region in which he already suffered an injury, then we need to be more careful.”

Asked why Depor is having so many injuries and why some men are feeling relapses, the doctor answered that, “There are players that, sometimes, live this kinds of situations… the last example was Lassad, who lived a stage in which it seemed there wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel, we saw all the angles of the problem and apparently there was no solution, and what we did was to rethink his training routine. And you can see that he has not stopped yet; the problem with Juca is similar. He is a big professional that knows how to take care of himself. Sometimes the problems are caused because the players train too much, other because they barely train; we just need to find a mid-point.”

At Osasuna,  coach José Antonio Camacho  was feeling disappointed due to the elimination of his team, “I want to congratulate Deportivo, because they passed the round, though I think we could have made it. We came here to win, as everybody witnessed, but there was no justice with us, especially in the first half. We committed a huge error in Pamplona and certainly it cost the pass. Few teams will dominate Deportivo at its stadium as Osasuna did today, but in football it is a matter of scoring goals and not just dominating.”

Finally, goalkeeper Asier Riesgo was also sad after the elimination, “It is a pity. I do believe that we had our options and it was there until the last minute, but in the end we were eliminated and it is a disappointment. To be playing with one man less was the key, but later scored a goal that put us inside the fight. Later they scored again and things were complicated. We had our opportunities, but it escaped from our hands.”





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