13 Nov 2010
Aythami Artiles has finally found his opportunity at Deportivo after Lotina switched the system and as he has claimed the spot of third central defender; the Canarian talked to Depor Sport about his role at the starting eleven of Lotina.

Q: Starter in the last three games, three straight wins, a decisive goal… surely things for Aythami Artiles weren’t looking so good one month ago, isn’t?
A: I always worked at the top and waiting to seize an opportunity. Football changes from one day to the other and maybe someday you were thinking that the coach wasn’t counting with you, but suddenly the day of Osasuna came and things are working out. These are things of football.

Q: Were you thinking the worst when you saw yourself out of the lineups and of the list of picked players?
A: In the beginning I was part of the lists, then I wasn’t there… you are always upset if you don’t play, because you live of playing, so it’s logical. If I would be happy, then something is not working. I never lost the hope and worked every day at 100% for this, and now that I have a chance I must hold on to it.

Q: How do you remember the action of the goal against Levante, many are wondering what was a defender doing there?
A: My family said that they thought it was Riki who scored. It was a corner-kick, a secondary play that was a little long. I asked the ball to Riki, he made a slow pass and I controlled it with my left leg, then I was able to cross it to the far post. I made a good play, but the shot was better. I was hoping to put the ball there, but never thought it was going to be so perfect.

Q: Once again a celebration with the players on the bench, to whom you dedicated the goal?
A: The few goals I score are dedicated to the people that are no longer with us, also to my daughter, and this one I wanted to dedicate it to El Flaco, that’s why I went to the bench. He has helped me a lot. My team mates are happy for me and I want to dedicate it to my family, because they have suffered a lot during all this time.

Q: First Lopo and Colotto scored, then you did it… even the last counterattack in the game with Levante was led by Colotto and you. Shouldn’t Lotina play with eleven central defenders?
A: (He laughs) that’s why we join the attacks, to try to score some goals or to catch any ball. For the moment we have scored three goal and we are happy for it.

Q: Previously to the game, coach Luis García Plaza was warning of the strategic plays with Lopo and Colotto, but he forgot about you!
A: They forgot about me and let me free… maybe that’s why I scored the goal! What’s true is that it wasn’t a strategic play, but a secondary action.

Q: Mallorca, Malaga, Racing Santander… is the calendar inviting to think of a calmed month?
A: No, no, we must go game by game. Mallorca is fine when it plays at home and we want to follow this ascending line.

Q: With a positive result in Mallorca the team would gain fresh air, just imagine continuing the good streak and been closer to European positions…
A: Cleary it isn’t the same to look at the standings and see yourself out of relegation. For me to look upper is something daring, just like it was to talk of relegation after just eight or nine matches, now it’s too audacious to think of a better reward. It is normal to feel the confidence earned with the victories.

Q: When things were ugly the Copa Del Rey was saw as an obstacle, how does the team faces it now?
A: For me it isn’t an obstacle and few people would think like that. It is a pretty competition to play. As you pass the rounds and face new rivals you start to find out new challenges.



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