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13 Nov 2010
For the first time in more than a year two different strikers scored a goal in the same match, while Riki has scored twice in a matter of four days. The squad is finding the goals and itís another explanation for Deporís improvement within the last games.

The change in the system isnít the only responsible for the improvement of Deportivoís results; within the last four official matches Lotina has sawn how his team has clinched three victories and one draw, and all the credit has gone to the defenders. But thereís another fact pushing the team up: the team is finally scoring goals. And another important thing: the strikers are regaining their aim.

Until matchday 08 in liga Depor only had three goals in favour, and all of them scored by midfielders (Guardado twice and Juan Rodriguez). But since matchday 09, the same day that Lotina switched to the new system, things have exploded as the Galicians have scored five times in two games plus another three goals in Copa Del Rey.

In the end eight goals in four official games for an average of two per match, it doesnít seem too much, but it must be reminded that the average was 0.38 goals per game just a month ago. Maybe this is just a product of the Ďcomfortlessí feel by the players with the new system, but whatís real is that the team is finally scoring some goals.

And the most promising thing is that the strikers are finally adding goals to their tally, and itís that Deporís trio of forwards has at least scored once within the last ten days. Starting with Lassad Nouioui, who spent a year without scoring before conquering the decisive goal against Osasuna in Copa Del Rey. The first one that broke the spell was Adrian, the Asturian had eight months without scoring a goal at Deportivo and he ended the draught against RCD Espanyol.

Who still on fire is Riki; the Madrilenian was the Pichichi on the last liga season with eight goals, now he already scored twice within five days. Last year these three strikers combined only scored fourteen goals in liga, now the hope is that they can continue on this way and surpass that poor mark.

To mention that in the Copa clash against Osasuna tow different strikers scored a goal in the same game (Riki and Lassad), and the last time that this occurred was in the 2-3 liga defeat at home against RCD Espanyol (19 September 2009), in that occasion Adrian and Lassad scored the goals for the Galicians.

Meanwhile, Riki was trying to explain this sudden change, ĒThe striker is more valued as soon as it start to score some goals, but whatís real is that with this system we have more confidence at the back zone and for that reason it seems that the players up front are also having more confidence, we are certainly on the right track and will surely go ahead. "



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