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14 Nov 2010
Lotina will repeat a lineup for the first time on the season as it tries to prolong the good moment of Deportivo; Seoane is playing on the left and currently is the big hope for the project at Abegondo. Meanwhile, Mallorca recovers ‘Chori’ Castro.

Definitely the visit to RCD Mallorca is the most complicate match in November, month in which Depor is facing rivals at the bottom of the standings, therefore it will be the perfect test to judge if the recovery of Lotina’s team is for real or not. And it’s that Depor has only won three times in Majorca within the last twenty-five years, the last time was on the season 2005/06 with a goal scored by defender Juanma, victory that’s the only one achieved at the Iberostar Stadi (previously called Son Moix and Ono Stadi), because the other two were clinched at the Luis Sijar, this last stadium is about to be demolished.

Besides, Mallorca is traditionally a strong team at home, last season  Los Bermellones were the third best home team at Primera División, with fifteen home wins after nineteen encounters, a mark only surpassed by Real Madrid and Barcelona, duo that won 18 of their 19 home games. On this season Mallorca has won three of their five home clashes, plus achieving a 0-0 draw against Real Madrid in the opening matchday. They only setback was against RCD Espanyol (0-1, matchday 07).

Meanwhile, Depor is following an ascending line, with two straight victories in liga, plus one victory and a draw in Copa Del Rey. Also, the team is finally scoring some goals, as within the last four matches the Galicians scored eight goals, just when they had only conquered three goals within the first eight liga encounters. To mention that Depor doesn’t win three straight liga matches since November of the past year: 2-0 at Getafe (matchday 10), 2-1 Vs. Atletico Madrid (matchday 11) and 1-0 at Racing Santander (matchday 12).

The long-term project of Deportivo is based in the youth teams as the main hope of president Augusto César Lendoiro is to exploit the young promises coming out from Abegondo. However, the progress of Fabril’s members at the first team still moves in slow motion. Recent promoted players Lassad Nouioui and Laureano Sanabria ´Laure’ still fighting to gain an stable positions at the lineups, while on the last liga season the five Fabril’s members that played at the first team had a discrete participation in numeric terms.

Midfielder Juan Dominguez was the one with more matches (13), though he only played five full games  (744 minutes), while the other four didn’t pass the mark of five matches at Primera: left-back Raul Garcia (5 games, 343 minutes), central defender David Rochela (4 games, 325 minutes), winger David Añon (3 games, 96 minutes) and  Diego Seoane (1 game, 90 minutes), plus midfielder Dani, who only played once in Copa Del Rey.

On this season the situation was following the same pattern, but the latest results and the large list of casualties due to injury reasons are moving Lotina to give more opportunities to the youngsters. So far four of them already had minutes at Primera: Seoane (4games, 315 minutes), Dioni (3 games, 60 minutes), Juan Dominguez (1 game, 33 minutes) and Rochela (1 game, 57 minutes). And to mention that in the last game in Copa against Osasuna, Seoane, Rochela and Juan Dominguez were starters, meaning three Galician products at the starting eleven in an official match, something that only happened once since the arrival of Lotina (last season 0-1 defeat against Zaragoza, 01 May 2010, Rochela, Raúl & Iván Pérez).

Now the question is if the Abegondo’s boys will seize this opportunity in order to claim a spot at the first team, for the moment the only one doing it is Diego Seoane, who already impressed the coach and is a fixed player on the left-back position after the switch to this system with five defenders. Also remembering that Lotina has lost recent signings Rindarøy (hamstring) and Morel (ankle) due to injury reasons.

Together with Seoane, the other two youngsters picked for the game are Juan Dominguez and David Rochela, but in their cases both will have to wait on the bench as other young players as Aythami Artiles and Rubén Pérez are living a good moment at the team. As it was mentioned before, the team still struck by the injuries, and it’s that the recent casualties of Ze Castro and Juca have increased to eight the number of cases at the injury room, including winger Andrés Guardado.

Despite the casualties, for the first time on the season Lotina will be able to repeat a starting lineup in two straight liga matches. Last weekend it was close to happen, but the injury of Rindarøy forced a change in the plans. Now the Basque man is ready to relaunch the same 5-2-2-1 squad that clinched a second straight win in liga during last Sunday’s game in Levante; with Dani Aranzubia at the goal, Manuel Pablo at the right-back position, Diego Seoane on the left, Diego Colotto, Aythami Artiles and Albert Lopo at the centre of the defense, Juan Rodriguez and Ruben Pérez at midfield, Saul and Adrian in the playmaker’s positions and Riki in attack.

Ruben Pérez was commenting that this is going to be a complicate match, "I know that Deportivo has had problems in past visits to Mallorca, but don't believe in statistics, each year and each game is a different world. We won't discover Mallorca now, but they are a great team and are able to face any rival, just like they demonstrated it at the Camp Nou."

List of picked players (19): Aranzubia, Manu (goalkeepers); Colotto, Aythami, Lopo, Manuel Pablo, Seoane, Laure, Rochela (defenders); Juan Rodríguez, Rubén Pérez, Juan Dominguez, Saúl, Valerón, Desmarets, Pablo Álvarez (midfielders); Adrián, Riki and Lassad (strikers).

The club still submerged in deep financial problems that are menacing the potential of the team in la liga, the team was sold for the fourth time in a matter of two years and the new owners, which includes tennis star Rafael Nadal, haven’t found yet the solution to the problems. In the end the team was excluded from the UEFA Europa League after the Majorcan club was declared in bankruptcy, and during the summer the club was even forced to change the name of the stadium in order to earn more money and cover a debt of €70 million (they signed a three-year deal with corporation Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, reason why the stadium is now called Iberostar Stadi).

However, these big financial problems haven’t affected the results in la liga, at least not yet. On the past season several people were expecting to see Mallorca inside the relegation zone, and in the end they even earned a ticket for to the Europa League, which they later lost on the desk, while on this season they are comfortably  living in a 14th place at the standings. And this taking in mind that Mallorca didn’t spend a dime in signings, the key is that sporting director Serra Ferrer made the correct moves allowing the arrivals on loan or for free of players like midfielder Jonathan De Guzmán (brother of Julian) and striker Fernando Cavenaghi or the promotion from Mallorca B of right-back defender Pau Cendrós or striker Emilio Nsue.

Neither the team felt the departure of Gregorio Manzano, one of the main responsible of the latest success, Michael Laudrup arrived and is fighting to keep the line; and until now he is making a great job. The main news for the game against Depor is that Gonzalo ‘Chori’ Castro is back after surpassing the muscular problem that sidelined him since matchday 08 in la liga.

The Uruguayan winger is the top-scorer at the team with three goals scored, but is not at 100% as his first complete training took place until Saturday, for that reason Laudrup picked nineteen men for the game. In other news defender Enrique Corrales is out of the match with an ankle problem, but Marti Crispi is fit despite the ankle injury sustained in the Copa clash with Sporting.

In that match against the Asturians, Laudrup made seven changes compared to the starting eleven that lost at Zaragoza, now the idea is to repeat the modifications and switch back to the team in liga, it calls the attention that the ex-Getafe coach left Pablo Cendrós out of the list, the right-back promoted from Mallorca B was one of the four men that were starters against Zaragoza and also against Sporting. His place will be claimed by Brazilian Edson Ramos Silva ‘Ratinho’

In the end it is expected a 4-1-3-2 lineup, with ex-Depor Dudu Aouate at the goal; Ratinho at the right side of the defence, ex-Racing Ayoze Díaz on the left, while José Carlos de Araujo Nunes and Iván Andrés Ramis will perform at the centre. The lonely pivote in the formation will be ex-Elche Martí Crespí Pascual.

Emilio Nsue López, a U-21 player from Spain’s national team of parents born in Equatorial Guinea, will cover the right wing. He is living an important moment as he scored twice in Copa against Sporting. Canadian/Dutch Jonathan De Guzman will perform as the playmaker in the formation. The big doubt is if Chori Castro will appear on the starting formation, or if instead the spot at the left wing will be for French Michael Pereira Finally, Cameroonian Pierre Achille Webo and Argentine Fernando Ezequiel Cavenaghi will compose the dangerous duo in attack, each striker has scored twice on this liga season.

Jonathan De Guzmán, brother of ex-Depor Julian, was talking of the game and explained to La Voz de Galicia the differences  with his brother, ”I know it is going to be a difficult game for him, because he always want to see me winning, but also loves A Coruña and Depor’s fans. He surely will have a divided heart. My brother is a more defensive player and I am a man that gives the last pass, or even that tires to score the goal.”

Finally, Emilio Nsue was talking of the current moment of Deportivo, “We must think of the game against Deportivo; we need to win at home and are hosting a rival that’s improving within the last matches and that will surely put things difficult to us.”

List of picked players (19): Aouate, Lux (goalkeepers); Ratinho, Ramis, Rubén, Nunes, Ayoze, Martí Crespí (defenders); Kevin, Joao Victor, Pereira, Nsue, Castro, Pep Lluís Martí, De Guzmán (midfielders);Tejera, Webó and Cavenaghi (strikers).

RCD Mallorca: (4-1-3-2) Aouate – Ratinho, Nunes, Ramis, Ayoze – Marti – Nsue, De Guzmán, Castro or Pereira – Webo, Cavenaghi
Deportivo: (5-2-2-1) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Lopo, Seoane – Rubén Pérez, Juan Rodríguez – Saúl, Adrián – Riki.
Referee: José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes
Kick-off 17h00 (Iberostar Stadi)
Head-to-head Vs. Mallorca: 15 wins for Depor, 18 draws, 17 wins for Mallorca (Primera & Segunda)
Record in Majorca: 5 wins for Depor, 7 draws, 13 wins for Mallorca (Primera & Segunda)



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