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16 Nov 2010
Despite Deportivo didn’t made a solid game, the general feeling is of satisfaction as the Galician team achieved a point that tastes like gold in the quest for the permanence at Primera División.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina wasn’t completely satisfied with the goalless draw, "Now we are playing as a team, but in order to be a good team we need more ball possession and create more scoring opportunities. I saw that the team was fine at half-time, but missing scoring chances. The team needs to be more ambitious and make more damage to the rival, and today we didn't do it. For the future we must have that as it will bring more confidence." 

"The squad is already gaining confidence, but we can’t think that everything is done. We must improve. If the chance of Lopo would have entered, then the game would have been broken, you know, in football a play changes everything. The idea is to create scoring opportunities and the two biggest chances in the game were for us.”  The Basque man added.

Lotina was also saying that one of the problems for his team was the inaccuracy in the counterattacks, “We weren’t fine in our exits with the counterattacks, especially in the first half as we constantly lost the ball. It was until the second half that we started to make good plays, though neither them with Webó had good opportunities.”

Riki was part of the clearest opportunity of Deportivo in the game; he was explaining the play in which Lopo ended sending the ball out, “I never touched the ball. I was trying to connect it, but never did it. It was a cross of Aythami and didn’t know that Lopo was behind me.”

The Madrilenian attacker was also commenting the match, “This is a rival that always put a lot of pressure against you. We had our opportunities in the first half and suffered a lot in the second, moment on the game when they had the ball possession, but also believe that they missed more depth.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Aranzubia thinks that a point playing away from home is always good, “We must remember that the team has clinched a point away from home and the result is good. The team had some chances in the first half, but they also had their opportunities. However, there are also some aspects to improve and we must remember that the team hasn’t played too many games with this system; in the end the game has been good.”

To mention that the Basque keeper complained to referee Teixeira Vitienes that someone at the stands was pointing him with a laser light, something mentioned in the act of the game, “10 minutes into the match, the goalkeeper of RC Deportivo La Coruña SAD told me that someone at the stands have pointed him with a laser, a fact that I informed to the field officer to take appropriate measures, no further incidents occurred in the rest of the encounter." The referee wrote.

Diego Colotto was also satisfied with the game done by Depor, “We made a good match and had opportunities to win it. We never wanted to give the ball possession, but must admit that they had control over the match and we were more focused in the counterattack, but the important thing is that we finally know what we are doing on the pitch and that’s a key.”

The Argentine central defender suffered a cut in the cheekbone are and sustained three stitches in the face; he was joking about the fact, “Let’s see how I end. It doesn’t matter as I am already married and had kids.” The club also informed that Lassad and Desmarets ended the match with minor injuries, though it is expected that both will be fit for the next game in liga.

Midfielder Rubén Pérez was also having a positive reading from the game, “This point is good, because we were facing a great rival, however there are situations that must be improved and we are working on that. I said before that we are going to suffer, but we have a good team and we are there, growing day by day.”

At Mallorca, coach Michael Laudrup said that he was expecting for a game like this, “It was exactly the match that I was expecting for, they were with a technical draw of five defenders at the back, three at the centre and two at the sides; then two pivotes and one man in attack. I knew it was going to be a tough game, one in which we needed more patience. I don’t see how we can have changed the story.  We tried, taking off the ten minutes in which we weren’t fine. Depor had a double occasion where Dudu was phenomenal, for that reason we tried of everything; we even created five scoring opportunities, but it wasn’t possible.”

Portuguese defender Nunes was feeling sorry for not achieving the victory, “It was hard for us to score, because it was a game in which we never had the needed space and missed some good luck. For our will and attitude I think the team deserved more. We knew the rival was going to be complicated as they changed the system some weeks ago, but we wanted the three points and it wasn’t possible.”





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