17 Nov 2010
Diego Colotto talked to La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analyzed the good moment lived by the team in la liga; for the Argentine defender a victory over Malaga is crucial to put some distance with the last places at the standing.

Q: Three weeks ago Depor was dying and now it has five straight games without losing. What a reaction, donít you think?
A: Yes, thank God. We were in a difficult situation, in terms of football and results. Now we are in a better scenario, but we canít relax because we still tight with the rest of teams. We need to keep working and hope to maintain this line. The good part is that we found a clear idea of how to do things and the team is feeling more comfortable with the new system.

Q: Do you already know how to play?
A: Yes. That is the key to everything: to see the team knowing where to go and what to do. Obviously, in Mallorca we drew and could have lost or even won, but the team showed personality in a difficult field.

Q: Now Depor goes out to compete and not to see things coming
A: In some past games the team was looking overwhelmed and we know that if we would have had what we have now, then things would have been different. But those moments are just stages, and I think is very valuable the change made by the group together with the coaching staff.

Q: To what extent the switch in the system has been the key?
A: There are several points and one of them is the switch in the system, because the players are feeling better about it. I also believe that the players needed to put more thing in the games,  an extra thing. I also believe that it influenced the discussion if the coach should leave or not, and it made the group stronger. There were several points that ended up in that first game in Copa against Osasuna. Then we tested the system and it turned out pretty well. Then we beat Espanyol, and we got good results later, which brought confidence.

Q: Why the players werenít offering that plus that you mentioned?
A: Maybe before the team didnít have a clear idea of where it had to go, or maybe what you were trying to do wasnít making a difference. This mistrust was giving the impression of a more apathetic team. Deportivo can now win or lose, but it has a facet and knows how to face the meetings. In Palma we played in a very complicated stadium, place where not too many teams will take positive results. We had the game at times and for some moments we suffered.

Q: For suffering, that collision with Nunes
A: It was an accident, something normal. When you fight for the ball, sometimes itís better to try to protect yourself and sometimes you donít have that opportunity and you see a collision, head to head, but it isnít a major problem.

Q: Individually, do you feel you are growing a little more with the pass of the games?
A: This year I'm feeling good and also the fact that the system with three central defenders has meant a change for me. As much as I already played like this in other countries, here things are different and with other movements. That makes me learn things and keep improving. I feel comfortable and hopefully we all will continue to improve and will try to reach a good level.

Q: Do you think that you have reached your best moment?
A: Any player always needs to be ambitious and think about growing. Last year, together, we did a great tournament until the second round and have reached very high levels. Hopefully, now, we all will continue to improve.

Q: And playing better football.
A: In Mallorca, another fact that we witnessed is that we tried to take care of the ball more than in other games. The system also gives us the possibility of having some control over the game, which was enough in the first half. It is a possibility that we try to improve.

Q: A win against Malaga would be the final confirmation of the resurrection
A: It's going to be a very important meeting and must face it like that. Itís as important as the day of Espanyol, mainly because if we win then the team can separate from the bottom. Things are tight and we donít want to look down again. These are matches that can determine the future and will be good to achieve the win. Beating Espanyol meant to break a losing streak, then with Levante we were able to surpass several teams, and now with Malaga it will be similar. We must get a good result to increase the distance with the bottom teams.

Q: So far, between la liga and the Copa, you have five straight matches without losing. Is that the way forward?
A: In terms of commitment and attitude, yes. We must preserve that streak and try to keep improving the things, for example, the fact of the ball possession, and later see the team feeling comfortable. Overall, we feel we have produced a change and must try to keep it.



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