21 Apr 2006
Defender Manuel Pablo returns after his suspension and could have a place in the match with C??diz. He believes that Deportivo will need at least nine more points in order to achieve the UEFA qualification. That means that the Galicians are needing at least one victory away from the Riazor. For this reason the Canarian defender is saying in a interview made by <i>Marca</i> that a win in C??diz is so important as a victory in the following derby with Celta.

Q: How is Deportivo facing the last part of the season?
A: With illusion. We still in the fight for the European spots. Everything is equal, with four teams going up and down in each matchday. The key is to maintain the regularly with two or three consecutive victories.

Q: Are the two consecutive draws against Villarreal and Sevilla stopping your UEFA's aspirations?
A: No. This were tough matches against complicated rivals. Specially the last one, against Sevilla we suffered a lot of absences, but we were able to play well. We still in the fight for Europe.

Q: Will the injuries affect the end of season?
A: I don't think so. The good thing is that the injured players are getting better and the group has responded.

Q: What is the thing that worries you the most, the game with C??diz or the derby with Celta?
First we have to visit C??diz. If we aren't able to conquer some points there, the UEFA cup will be more complicated for us. The first thing to do is trying to win the points on Sunday and later we can think in Celta. A victory against Celta will be worthless if we can't do the same with C??diz.

Q: Caparr??s is saying that Deportivo will play their chances at the Riazor...
Q: We still have to face two matches at home. I don't think that we will be at the top with only six more points. Maybe with nine... who was good for this mathematics was Jabo, I don't ... (he laughs). What I have clear in my mind is that six points aren't enough.

Q: Who is more dangerous: the teams at the bottom of the table or the leaders?
A: Everyone is tough, but is also hard for the team that faces us. We have to maintain a special attention with the clubs at the bottom, they will do anything possible in order to secure those points.

Q: In the fight for the UEFA cup, who is the most dangerous rival: Celta or Sevilla?
A: The difference is that Sevilla still participating in an European competition, they have two opportunities and let's see in which one they will concentrate the efforts.

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