20 Nov 2010
Midfielder Rubťn Pťrez is still the player of Deportivo with more minutes on the season; the Andalusian talked to La Voz de Galicia and analysed his status after the switch in the system of Lotina.

Q: Despite the switch in the system you are the player who has more minutes at the squad.
A: Well, the coach, despite switching the system, is relying on me and I'm really happy. We are also having good results and donít think it's time to change too much. I'm playing a lot, but there will be a moment in which the coach will decide... well, if he decides to take me off there will be no problem. I am aware that there are more team mates and we have good players, and if someday I have to go out, then I will just continue working.

Q: From a personal point of view you canít complain about how things are occurring at this stage of the season.
A: It's true that I came loaned and that Iím wanting to play football and become a complete player, and I'm pretty happy, because I'm having a lot of minutes at Primera.

Q: Is Lotina giving you the confidence that you missed at Atletico?
A: The truth is that I was aware that at Atletico there are very good players and a tough competition, donít say that Deportivo doesnít have it, but we know that Atletico Madrid is always trying to bring the best, and when they said to me that I could go out loaned to Depor I didnít think twice. I knew it was a good team and that I could learn on here.

Q: Is you ideal position to play between the central defenders or were you playing in a more advanced position at Atletico?
A: No, I've always played there. Quique [SŠnchez Flores] put me in some games at the right side, but my natural position is ahead of the defense; itís the place where I feel more comfortable.

Q: What does the switch in the system require from you?
A: Now I canít go down in order to ask for the ball as before, because this is the job of the central defenders. There are three of them and the truth is that I have less contact with the ball when in possession, but am aware that we are in a difficult situation and the important thing is to achieve the victory, trying to get out of the pit to be more relaxed and find the best possible position.

Q: Now the work of the midfielders is more difficult, you need to run more to link defense and attack, but you say that you are having less contact with the ball.
A: Yes, but not just us (the two pivotes). The whole midfield sector has to run a lot, but donít need to detract from the teamís performance. We all work a lot for the good of the team.

Q: You know how to adapt to the orders of the coach, but the bad passes still your weakest point.
A: I'm young, I'm learning every day and I've always liked to play having the ball possession. And whoever has the ball the normal thing is that it loses it. If I wouldnít be losing the ball in one or two opportunities, then I would be in Madrid or Barcelona and the truth is that I lose the ball like everybody does it, but I think I'm young and these are things that I have to lean with the pass of the minutes. These are things to improve.

Q: Is Depor on the right direction?
A: Yes, the switch in the system has been pretty good. I think it is the key for our latest victories and we are now calmer. We must seize the moment.

Q: At last you are a difficult and complicated team for the rivals.
A: We, at the beginning, were a strong team in defense, but some specific errors made us concede a lot of goals, and now with the switch in the system we are stronger, we allow less goals and that's important.

Q: Is the goal until the end of the year to ensure all points at home?
A: Well, the home games should always be the target, because no one wants to lose points at home, and I think those are the games that we have to seize as no one will give you anything for free. We held the line of the game against Espanyol and we must try to add all the possible points at home to avoid further problems.



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