21 Nov 2010
After a couple of months at the club, Knut Olav RindarÝy gave his first interview as a Deporís player. The defender seems adapted to the club as he was talking in Spanish with a reporter of La Voz De Galicia. The following is a translation of the conversation.

Q: You played a good game against Osasuna in Copa and were doing well against Espanyol until you got injured. How are you now?
A: I'm fully recovered, but this week I could only complete two training sessions.

Q: Will you play against Malaga?
A: I think not. I'm ready, but I'm just going out from an injury and the coach will want to continue with the same team that played the last games.

Q: Does that bother or worry you? Morel is injured and it seemed that you were taking the spot at the left side, but now Lotina chooses a youngster that it isnít even a specialist in that position.
A: Not at all. I know that returning to the starting lineup will not be easy, Seoane is fine and it is logical to see him continuing. Of course I want to be a starter, but right now the important thing is to train well and win back the confidence of the coach.

Q: But it seemed that you already had gained a spot and that taking in mind that your debut wasnít good.
A: The first two months were very difficult. The language was a problem and here the game is played much faster than at the Norwegian League. But now everything is fine.

Q: Your improvement coincided with the transition to a defensive line of five men. The results have arrived, but the level of the squad is still not optimal. Are you comfortable with the new system?
A: It's going to cost us some time to fully adapt to this system, because the switch has occurred with the season already started, but we feel much safer playing with five men at the back. We arenít losing games and we are adding points. It is the basic thing to leave the bottom zone. The fact of improving our game will come as soon as we start gaining confidence with the results.

Q: In a position like yours, a switch in the system turns to be essential. You have more support at the back, but it requires a bigger effort up front. Have you played before with this system?
A:The truth is that this system is quite common at the Norwegian league, where there are many teams that go out with a 3-5-2. In reality this is how we play over there, with the side defenders always joining the attack.

Q: Precisely, the main problem of the next opponent is on defense. What do you know of Malaga?
A: I have a friend there, Kris Stadsgaard (Danish central defender, who played for Rosenborg), with whom I talk a lot. They also have many injuries, in fact Kris was injured until recently. The team is going through a bad streak. They are in the same situation that we lived here a few weeks ago. But now have a new coach and have begun to win the games.

Q: Do you have an explanation for the plague of injuries at Depor? Have you had muscular problems before?
A: I had problems a couple of years ago. But it was in another area. I think there is no explanation for these injuries. Its bad luck and we donít have to search for other explanations.



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