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22 Nov 2010
New 3-0 victory for a Deportivo that still growing in la liga; the truth is that Lotina’s team missed more presence in attack, and based its game in a strong defense. The relegation zone seems now as a distant past.

Lotina decided to give an opportunity to Fabril’s striker Dionisio Emanuel Villalba ‘Dioni’, who was the starter choice in attack, while Yves Desmarets was the starting playmaker performing towards the left wing. The rest was the same squad of the past two liga encounters.

Daniel Aranzubia was the starting keeper, Manuel Pablo was playing at the right-back position, Diego Seoane was on the left sector, while the central defenders were Lopo, Colotto and Aythami. Juan Rodriguez and Ruben Pérez were the pivotes; Adrian and Desmarets were the two playmakers and Dioni was the central attacker.

At Malaga, coach Pellegrini was presenting some novelties, starting with the debut of Sergio Paulo Barbosa  ‘Duda’ on the season; the Portuguese surpassed a groin problem that kept him at bay since the summer and was a starter on the left wing, but the biggest surprise was to see Francisco Portillo as the starting playmaker in a 4-2-3-1 scheme, he is a 20-year-old player from Atletico Malagueño (Malaga B) and tis was his second game as starter in la liga.

Therefore both teams were presenting two youngsters at the starting lineup; Depor with Seoane and Dioni, and Malaga with Portillo and also with defensive midfielder José Luis García ‘Recio’. To mention that the weather conditions were difficult, mainly in the first part, with a strong wind and with the pouring rain falling down within the first twenty minutes.

Solid performance of Deportivo in the half; the defense never allowed anything and despite that Lotina’s team didn’t create too many opportunities it was enough to conquer a comfortable led in the scoresheet. The game started with Dioni searching for a cross of Manuel Pablo (1’), and then with Weligton heading out a free-kick of Duda (3’). Five minutes later Colotto found the ball inside the area after a corner-kick of Ruben Pérez, and the Argentine defender sent the ball out. It was just a warning of what the ex-Atlas was going to do some minutes later.

The wet grass was forcing both teams to be careful with their passing game, but Deportivo seemed more comfortable and precise with its passes, while Malaga was trying to prevail through counterattacks. The first big chance in the game came at minute 14 and it was for the visitors, it was a cross coming from the right and into the path of Duda, who released a strong header from the penalty spot, but Aranzubia was there to make a key save.

That scoring opportunity injected some morale to Malaga and it seemed that the Andalusians were growing in the game, but then Depor found the first goal. It was after the third corner-kick earned by Juan Rodriguez on the right side; the resulting cross of Ruben Pérez was going into the path of Lopo, but the Catalan was clearly fouled by Sandro Silva and the referee whistled a penalty. Then Adrian came to take the lead with a strong shot that went to the right side of visiting keeper Francesc Arnau. It is the second goal in liga for the Asturian attacker.

At minute 22, the same Sandro Silva was close to correct his error with a downward header that Aranzubia cleared to corner-kick.  Depor’s goal clearly changed the picture, because Depor did the same thing that in the previous games in which it took the lead: to retreat. The Galicians were now relying in long throws, while Malaga was having the ball possession and always trying to enter by the sides.

The tactic had its consequences as Deportivo, as it happened in Levante,  was quickly losing the ball, which gave more ball possession for Malaga. But luckily Depor found a second goal that came just eight minutes after the first, and again after a combination of its two best weapons: counterattack and direct football. It was a long counterattack of the locals that ended in a new corner-kick on the right side, again Ruben Perez released the cross and the Andalusian sent the ball to the far post, just into the past of Diego Colotto, who crossed Arnau with a perfect header that went to the right post. It is the second goal in liga for the Argentine.

Depor was clinching a comfortable advantage after just thirty minutes, but the true is that the offensive performance of Lotina’s team wasn’t too convincing, and it’s that Desmarets was missing in action, while Adrian was appearing from time to time, therefore Dioni never received the ball and wasted his energies running throughout the pitch. In the end all the weight of the game was in the shoulders of the defensive line.

Neither Malaga was impressing with its performance, mainly because they were focusing their efforts on the velocity of the wingers, and that output was nullified as Deportivo was putting a double mark over Duda, Eliseu and Baha

The first part ended with an opportunity for each side, first with Lopo heading out a free-kick of Ruben Perez (41’), and then with Recio sending the ball out after a corner-kick, he found the ball at the area and missed the target with a drilling cross that passed close to the left post of Aranzubia.

Things were more placid for the second part; Malaga insisted but it was only able to complete a shot on target until the stoppage time. Meanwhile the offensive line of Depor was still flat and barely reached the goal of Arnau, but in the end the Galicians scored a new goal that brought tranquility to the team. To mention that the locals were 100% effective as they scored three times after completing only three shots on target in the game.

The half started with a double tactical modification over the grass, because Adrian was now acting as the central attacker while Dioni was more attached to the right wing, perhaps the reason was that Fabril’s striker seemed tired after running a lot throughout the first half. At the same time Eliseu and Duda were switching sides.

What didn’t change was the script of the match, because Depor was still protecting the result basing its game in the defensive sector, while Malaga was having the initiative and the ball possession, but it was having big problems to create anything at Depor’s goal. At minute 48, a counterattack was close to end in the third goal for the Galicians, it was led by Desmarets and ended with Dioni making a great play on the right wing, but his cross to the centre wasn’t found by Adrian

To mention that Desmarets was more connected with his team mates in this half, in the first he seemed absorbed by the defensive tasks, and now he was more involved in the attacking plays of his team. At minute 53, Weligton was heading out a corner-kick of Duda, and in the next play Seoane made a great play on the left that was rewarded with a corner-kick for Depor. One minute later a new counterattack, this time started by Aranzubia, ended in a combination between Adrian and Dioni, but Arnau controlled the ball.

Then Depor started to look as a tired team and at the same time Malaga was looking more dangerous, then Pellegrini tried to amplify the momentum with the entry of Quincy and Edinho, moves that were trying to add velocity to the Andalusian team. Later Lotina allowed the entry of Pablo Álvarez, who replaced Dioni. Fabril’s striker never had a clear opportunity in the game, but always sacrificed himself on the pitch running after the ball, reason why, by minute 50, he was already exhausted.

But that momentum gained before by Malaga was lost for the final fifteen minutes; Los Albiazules will still having the ball, but never created any danger to Aranzubia. For the final ten minutes Juan Dominguez entered to replace Ruben Pérez, and the ex-Fabril made a couple of interesting plays in attack.

Btu who closed the game was the first substitution of Lotina: Pablo Álvarez. it was a great goal in a counterattack; the action was a long throw that Adrian headed at the edge of the area, then ‘The Shark’ controlled the ball inside the box, eluded a rival and assisted himself with a dribbling pass to end defining the play with a crossed shot that beat Arnau. The goal killed the will of Malaga, and even Desmarets had two opportunities to extend the lead, but he missed the target in the first occasion and in the second he didn’t reach the pass of Juan Dominguez.

Saul replaced Adrian for the final five minutes, and despite seeing itself defeated, Málaga had its big opportunity during the stoppage time as Edinho released a direct free-kick that Aranzubia cleared to corner-kick. That was the first shot on target for the visitors in this half, which should resume the terrible performance in attack had by the Andalusians.

Not the best of the performances for Deportivo, especially in attack, but the solid defense and the facilities gave by the worst defense at Primera División allowed a placid victory for Lotina’s men. As in past matches, the rival had the ball possession, but it barely reached the goal of Aranzubia, who despite everything made a key save when the score was still 0-0. Depor is finally showing signs of effectiveness as its three goals were scored in the only three shots on target made in the game.

This new victory means that Deportivo has added ten of the last twelve points in dispute, for this reason the Galicians are placidly living in nowhere’s land and four points above relegation. The next games  will decide if Depor can aspire to something else or just to spend the season trying to avoid the pit. On next Sunday Lotina and his players will travel to El Sardinero in order to face Racing Santander (17h00 CET).

Deportivo: (5-2-2-1) Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Lopo, Seoane - Juan Rodríguez, Rubén Pérez (Juan Domínguez 79’)  – Adrián (Saúl 85’), Desmarets – Dioni (Pablo Álvarez 68’).
Malaga FC: (4-2-3-1) Arnau - Gámez, Weligton, Stadsgaards, Mtiliga - Recio, Sandro Silva (Juanito 69’) – Eliseu, Portillo, Duda (Quincy 60’) – Baha (Edinho 60’).
Goals: 1-0: (20’) Adrian (penalty), 2-0 (29’) Colotto, 3-0: (83’) Pablo Álvarez.
Referee: Alfons Xavier Álvarez Izquierdo. He showed yellow card to Sandro Silva (20’), Dioni (30’), Duda (32’), Colotto (33’), Rubén Pérez (37’) and Seoane (75’).
Venue: Riazor (10,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (45% - 55%); Total shots (8 - 13); Shots on target (3 - 4); Saves by the keepers (4 - 0); Corner-kicks  (7 - 11); Offsides (4 - 2); Fouls committed (18 - 10); Accuracy in the passes (73.71% - 83.77%)




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