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23 Nov 2010
Positive readings after the clash against Málaga, though the players admitted that the situation was more difficult of what the score can say. Lendoiro also seized the moment to talk of other subjects.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was reflecting on the latest results of his Deportivo, "A month ago it seemed we weren't able to defeat anyone, and now we are in the fight. You can see the team is more happy and content, and that fact brings confidence. Without doubt this is the path to follow. When we lost at San Sebastián, Colotto promised that before Christmas we were going to leave the relegation zone and people were laughing at him, fortunately it happened before..”

About the game, he said that, “We watched good football in the second part, the true is that we need to improve when we have the ball; each day passing we see more things in attack and watch ourselves feeling safer in defense; except at the start we were defending pretty well against a fast and quality rival.”

Finally, he was feeling sorry, once again, for the latest injuries hitting his squad, “It is a pity, but we have enough people at defense and the only problem is that we only have a few men in attack, although today Dioni has been fine. We must insist in the daily work.”

 Diego Seoane was affirming that despite the final score it was a complicate game for Deportivo, “It was a difficult match; we, in attack, just seized the opportunities that we had. It is an important result, but next Sunday we have another match and it’s also important. I just felt more comfortable, though they didn’t create too much danger, because they didn’t have clear scoring opportunities although they had the ball possession.”

Ruben Pérez was feeling content as Depor is reacting within the last liga encounters, “I said it at the beginning of the season: that a lot still ahead and that we were aware that our team was good enough to go forward, and I think we are demonstrating it with the pass of the games. During some moments in the game we felt more comfortable and at others were more complicated. Now we look up at the standings.”

Pablo Álvarez didn’t give importance to his great goal and preferred to say that he is trying to gain a spot at the starting eleven, “For me the first thing is to see the team winning, if later I can score a goal, the better. I dedicate the goal to my girlfriend. I am just a professional and do my work, the coach decides who should play and I just do my job. Everybody is willing to play and we all fight for a common goal. I just try to help and my mission is to train at the top.”

Despite the big score, the winger was also thinking that Depor faced problems during the match, “ I think it was an equal game despite the final 3-0; it was difficult, but the fact is that  we scored two goals in set-pieces and later Dani (Aranzubia) made the saves. We defend well and later were able to hold on the result. All the games are difficult as all the rivals at Primera are tough, we are picking the three points and must seize our positive streak. Now we must take advantage of the moment. “

Diego Colotto was talking of his promise of leaving relegation before Christmas, “When you are facing a negative situation, the best thing is to have positive goals, and I believe that our group saw it like that. In our past situation with relegation the team needed to have a short-term goal and we did it. Now, from here to the end of the year, we have a couple of games in which we will have the same probability of winning or fight for the matches and the team needs to be mentalized.”

Dioni was explaining his sensations after debuting as starter in la liga, “The truth is that I missed to do something else, but the important thing was to see the team winning. I was feeling more calmed in the second part, but well…I received a couple of passes, but was a little unfortunate. I neither was nervous, that isn’t the right word, because I was feeling comfortable when I had the ball, and in the end I am content.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was pleased as Depor is now living at n the tranquil zone of la liga, “The reality is that we’ve passed through a lot of difficulties and now are living a very positive moment, in terms of results and confidence for the fans, but we can’t forget that football is like this and we must be prepared. At the start of the season we were thinking that our team was going to be among the best clubs in Spanish football, and later got the idea that things weren’t like that, but now things look different. The team neither was so bad before nor is so good now. We always said that we had enough squad to be in a tranquil place. And we must remember that we aren’t having luck with injuries and all these diseases, so we could even be living a better situation than the present one”

He also had time to analyze other subjects, starting with the renewal of Lopo, “We will start talking with the agent of Lopo, who is the same agent of other players ending contract, but well… we’ll start the conversations in order to reach an agreement; I think it will be easier as the team is reaching the tranquil zone.”  Later he talked of the case of Fabril’s defender Insua, who was linked with Manchester City on the past week, a reporter asked if he was fearing that this will be another case Pablo Iglesias [a midfielder from Cadete that signed for Real Madrid a few months ago] “We have a clear line of working, it is not a matter of a renewal, because it’s an amateur contract as he is a 17-year-old kid, so what we won’t do is to break the systems, and I should say that I have the word of Florentino Pérez that the issue of Pablo Iglesias will be solved, so I know it will be fixed. About Ínsua, I am hoping that he will sign what we talked so far, so I guess these are just rumours.”

A curious question was the one made by journalist Alberto Gómez asking if the relationship with Eugenio Botas [the agent of Ínsua, Adrian, Antonio Tomás and other players]  is good, bad or not existent, he just answered “It is resisting” Finally, Depor’s boss said that other Spanish teams are owing between six and seven million Euros to Depor in terms of past transfers, and that, “It is difficult to pay the bills when they don’t pay you before.”
At Malaga, coach  Manuel Pellegrini was saying that it was a fair defeat, but not a fair score for his team, “I do believe this was a fair defeat, what’s incredible for me is the final score, because I think it was too much. It is incredible to lose 3-0 when the first shot on target of Depor came at minute 38 of the second part and it ended up to be the third goal.”

“The truth is that we were terrible in defense; in the first and second goal there were major errors that  unbalanced the game, because until that point we had our opportunities. The games got unbalanced by small details. The referee whistled a penalty, later Deportivo seized a set-piece and Aranzubia made good saves. And then my team was diluted with the pass of the minutes.” 





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