26 Nov 2010
Diego Seoane has been a starter within the last three liga matches and each day is having more convincing presentations at the left side of Lotinaís defense; he talked to Xornal De Galicia and explained his situation and revealed some aspects of his life.

Q: It seems that nobody argues about seeing Seoane at the starting team of Depor. Little more can you ask...
A: Since I was a kid I always imagined to be reaching the first team, and now that the opportunity is knocking at the door I can just take it.

Q: Do you feel like a starter?
A: No. I donít think anybody feels like that. You have to work every day to earn that spot.
Are you feeling comfortable playing in a position that it isnít yours, I mean on the left side?
A: Well, I love to be performing like a winger, it is a position that I love. You are a defender, yes, and you have to do that job, but the function gives you the opportunity to be in the spotlight. In modern football the good side defender, and the one that stands more, itís who is constantly joining the attacks.

Q: During the summer there was a parade of signings for your position: Morel, RindarÝy, Stopira... Did you feel discouraged?
A: I made the pre-season stage with the first team and there was nobody. Suddenly three came at once, but I stayed the same, always trying to surpass myself and do my best.

Q: But it always calls the attention that a youngster is playing before the signings. Is that Morel and RindarÝy arenít integrated to the team? Or maybe was the result of a poor planning?
A: Both are foreigners and ĎRindaí has the language barrier, but they are already acclimatized to the group and if the coach chose me I will not question it. I always look at myself and donít think of the other players.

Q: You got the spot after the exit of RindarÝy against Espanyol; it was a match in which even the job of the coach was at stake. Was a lot of responsibility?
A: For me it is an honor to see them trusting in me at key moments, and donít go out to the pitch thinking that if I donít do the right things then I'm out, because if you think about it, you are wrong. You should do a good job without thinking about the situation at the standings.

Q: How do you analyze the reaction of the team after the switch in the system?
A: We neither were so bad before nor are so good now. You have to go game by game and not thinking about what might happen within a month.

Q: Lotina really helped in the growth of Filipe. Does he works with you in technical and tactical aspects after the trainings?
A: Yes, with me too. Itís helping me to improve; he corrects the things that are wrong. He picked me for the first time, he allowed my debut... I am very grateful.

Q: What specific aspects of your game need to be corrected?
A: To be a better defender. To be more annoying, as he always say. To put more pressure on the attacker, he shouldnít be moving at ease and should dream with me after the game.

Q: Recently, a list was published and it was placing Deportivo as the fourth best Spanish team of the decade. Do you think it was worth all that money spent to live magical moments, despite the current difficult economic situation?
A: Yes (very emphatic). That was a big thing. I didnít know of that fourth place. To see yourself there is a pride for Deportivo and for all Deportivismo. Certainly, we are now at a time, not just us, that is much harder, but eventually I think we're doing a good job.

Q: When you were a kid, who was your idol in the world of football?
A: Valerůn. I saw him and was hallucinating, "but how does he play like that?" I wondered, and now that I see him in practice I continue asking the same question.

Q: Do you remember where you were the day of the big score over Milan?
A: I wish I could say I was here at the Riazor, but was watching the match at my house in Ourense. Without doubt, it was one of the best games I saw in my life.

Q: You almost have spent seven years in A CoruŮa, although being from Ourense. Do you feel a 'product' of Abegondo?
A: Yes, I started at Pabellůn Ourense, but I've been here for seven years, and after all this time, I feel very comfortable, as I am from here. I am a youth player of Deportivo in every way.

Q: How do you kill time in concentrations?
A: I am very quiet. Eating and then go to the room, read, watch TV and see if I can watch Saturday's games.

Q: And what does Seoane like to do during his free time?
A: Well as I like to be at home, I usually stay reading a book, get a drink with a friend or play football with the console.

Q: FIFA or Pro-evolution football

Q: Do you agree with the level you have in FIFA (60/100)?
A: Not much (he laughs), but I had been playing Pro-evolution since I was a kid, and then you're playing FIFA and see yourself there, so you end saying "this is great!"

Q: And do you play with Depor or choose other teams?
A: Always with Depor, and always putting me (he laughs). I usually donít play online, but play with friends.

Q: Are you on social networks or do you stay on the sidelines?
A: I have an account in Tuenti. Sometimes I have wanted to close it, but have many friends there and donít want to lose the contact. I used to talk to them and so I always know something about their lives.

Q: How do you face the situation when they stop you to ask for an autograph?
A: Well, I have no problem and I am very excited. This never happened before, and I am very happy to see people knowing me.

Q: Are you more popular with girls now that you're a popular player?
A: Nooo (he laughs). In that sense I remain the same, havenít changed a thing.

Q: Your teammate Manu said in a previous interview that he would love to dance salsa and bachata, but always ends up staying at the bar watching. How is Seoane dancing?
A: I'm not dancing at all, I dance very badly.

Q: If you hadnít been a footballer, what would you have been?
A: Well, now I'm studying physiotherapy, and probably would continue on that direction, but who knows, itís always good to have something beyond football, and I, little by little, am on it.

Q: What movies do you like when you're at home or at the cinema?
A: Action movies. Otherwise I end up sleeping.

Q: Schwarzenegger or Stallone?
A: Actually, neither of them. Lately I prefer the type of bank robbery movies, something like Saw... Perhaps my favorite is Ladder 49.

Q: What about television? Do you see a lot of trash TV?
A: See anything at home when I'm bored. I am aware of all the programs dedicated to the journalism of the heart, so funny all the mess they create there... sometimes almost for nothing.

Q: What about sports programs?
A: Donít see it, because they are too late.

Q: You said you liked to read. What is your bedside book?
A: The Ice Princess, by Camilla Lšckberg.

Q: And speaking of football, what kind of games you prefer to see on TV in your free time?
A: I like everything. The English Premier League is very lively and colorful, though I also follow the Spanish league, because there are our rivals.

Q: Who do you like to see on television, Barcelona or Real Madrid?
A: Both are at the top, and sometimes are boring, because you know they will win. Football is unpredictableÖ unless at that level. There is so much difference that is boring to watch their games. Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, I chose Messi. He is much less selfish, and his quality on the pitch is impressive. He speaks little and plays a lot.



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