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30 Nov 2010
Everybody was accepting that Deportivo played a bad game and that it never deserved a positive result, but at the same time the players are convinced that they have enough strength to keep fighting in order to achieve the goals.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina wasn’t happy with the performance of his team, "We gave away the ball and were missing too many passes. The state of the pitch influenced in the game, but don't know if the result was also affected by this fact, but it isn't an excuse. The true is that Racing deserved to win. It was logical to see the pitch in these conditions after the rain that fell down during the week."

The Basque man was asked why the team didn’t change the scheme of five defenders when it was losing the game, and he just answered that, “I didn’t want to change the draw, because I believe that the team was feeling more comfortable playing in this way.”

About the modifications he said that, “We didn’t want the draw and moved the bench in order to make more damage; we wanted to break the game, but it didn’t work.” Finally, he explained the switch between Seoane and Manuel Pablo, “Seoane was suffering a lot, since he can play at the right and also at the left, I considered that the best thing was to switch them in order to cover the holes.”

Daniel Aranzubia was giving his vision of the match, “I have a bad feeling on this match, but the sensations are always negative when you lose a game; besides the team didn’t have the same performance of past matches. We were at mercy of Racing, almost for the entire match; we just created a few opportunities and they dominated. In the end they scored and we couldn’t react. The idea was to come and hold on the result, but sometimes when you play away from home you end at the mercy of the rival, and things didn’t work out for us.”

Asked if the team was too confident after spending four games without losing, the Rioja-born keeper said that, “I don’t think we were living in a cloud, but were conscious that the situation was and still complicated. We still close to the dangerous positions and must forget the loss in order to clinch a new positive streak.”

Central defender Diego Colotto was admitting that the team did nothing in order to deserve the three points, “It was a match in which things weren’t as we expected , and I believe that in a general sense the match wasn’t as we expected. Racing had its opportunities and in the end they won. The team sought the equalizer and it was hard. We didn’t manage to have more chances than the opportunity of Adrian, besides to the chances for Pablo [Álvarez] and Juan [Rodriguez]… but it was too little to mark a difference.”

Later, the Argentine player was denying that Depor was feeling relaxed after the recent positive results, “The team is in a process in which it must keep adding. Sometimes things don’t work out as you expected and every match has its own story, and today Racing hold on and had some chances. We weren’t living in a cloud, it was you, the reporters, who believed so. For us things are clear: we are inside a group of ten teams that must fight hard until the end. Now we must face Hercules and try to close the year achieving more positive results.”

Albert Lopo was saying that Racing’s winning goal came just when Depor was playing better, “We all wanted a positive result, but it wasn’t possible. In the second half we were playing better in a pitch that was hard, it was awful, and the goal came just when we were better. Later the team was desperate and the team was disordered and they could have scored more goals in counterattacks.”

Juan Rodriguez was saying that Depor’s players never felt comfortable at the pitch of El Sardinero, “They just capitalized the occasions that they had and we can just wait for the next game. The true is that we never felt comfortable on the pitch. The field was awful, but neither is an excuse as it was the same pitch for both sides, and I believe that Racing had more fierceness and it was noticed. We just can continue working and raise the head. We just had two or three opportunities, and never did something more.”

Similar was the speech of Adrián López, “We didn’t have too many arrivals and it was complicated as the state of the pitch was poor. They pushed strongly in the first part and we were playing with long throws, and they scored just when we were playing better. My shot was close, but it hit the post and didn’t enter, it was bad luck, if the ball would have entered, then the game could have been different.”

The Asturian striker is now hoping for a victory in the upcoming match against Hercules, “We were living a positive streak, and now we must keep fighting; the rivals are also struggling and someday it was time to lose. Now the important thing is to keep a strong mentality and win our next match at home.”

At Racing, coach Miguel Ángel Portugal was content with the victory of his team, “We had the weight of the match on our shoulders and enjoyed of the scoring opportunities. Maybe the things should have been defined before, but this is football. “

He was also complaining for the lack of aim at the team, but at the same time was convinced that the goals will arrive, “We are the fourth or fifth team with more shots on target, but still missing effectiveness, that’s our handicap.  But the team is arriving and enjoying of scoring opportunities, and I believe that the goals will come.”





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