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02 Dec 2010
Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina talked during fifteen minutes at the press room of Abegondo; he explained the situation of almost his entire squad, including the cases of Guardado, Urreta, Saúl and Juan Dominguez.

Deportivo returned to trainings on Wednesday; left-back Knut Rindarøy and central defender Ze Castro skipped the session since both had fever; at the same time Guardado started to work alongside the rest of players.

After the session the Mexican winger talked to journalist Alberto Gómez Barros, and he said that he should be ready to play against Atletico Madrid, “I am content since I was wishing to train again with the team. We tested and now hope to do my best for the rest of the season. But I see it difficult to play against Hercules, because they still want me to keep improving. And if the coaches and doctors want me to return against Atletico, then I will respect their decision.”

When the training session ended coach Miguel Ángel Lotina went to the press room and talked to reporters; he was in a good mood and even made some jokes. During his 15-minutes conversation with the media he explained several things related to his team.

The first question was related to the possibility of seeing Andrés Guardado playing against Hercules, the coach said that no, but left an open door for the near future, “No, no [quick response] I am no thinking of it, because I don’t have the permission of the doctors. The first thing is to see him recovered from his injury. We are not thinking in using him on Monday, and we will see it for next week; it will depend on how he works during the trainings. But he is discarded for Sunday [Monday].”

Later he expressed his satisfaction as the injury room is getting empty, “Juca was also training today, he was fine and Riki is improving with the pass of the days. In that aspect we are satisfied. Last week we only had four injuries. And I was enchanted; just imagine how I would be as soon as we won’t have any case. These are great news. The players are evolving and even Michel seems that will be ready for January.”

Asked about the possibility of watching Urreta on Monday’s game, the Basque coach said that, “I still undecided… It is true that it is the position where we have had more changes, Adrian…there are players that gives us some unique things, and we will see what we decide. I want to see them on training and later what the players can offer. “

The Meñaka-born manager also admitted doubts on who should lead the attacks for Monday’s clash at the Riazor, “I will make a decision during the week; it could be Lassad playing alongside Adrian. I still have to watch the trainings and the sensations transmitted by the players, I will think of that decision, but we also have Urreta, Saul or Adrian in attack.”

Lotina’s main worry is to witness how his team is missing too many passes during the games, and that things aren’t same as it happens during the trainings, “We can still improve when we have the ball possession, I don’t know if people has the same impression, but I think that we are a team with doubts, because we still failing when we have the ball. I think the team trains in one way and then it plays different. It has been hard for them. The most important thing in football is the pass, and we are not good on that. The other day we missed several passes and it in that way is very hard to create scoring opportunities. All the trainings on this week are related to the ball possession, and to check some concepts. We will focus our efforts on this aspect.”

Another question was if the coach is thinking in making changes with the side defenders, a reporter specifically asked if Rindarøy was going to play against Hercules, “We will see. Rinda was fine, but had fever today. He is left-footed and could enter… we are building up a team, little by little some are entering and others are leaving.” He responded.

Then he was asked for Saul and his exit from the starting eleven in recent matches, “He contributes with some things, but sometimes Desmarets brings other things and the same goes with Pablo (Álvarez). I already talked to him. It is just a technical decision. In the defeats we always remember the one that wasn’t there, but if we would have won the last match, then nobody would be remembering it. After the 3-0 over Malaga nobody asked me why he wasn’t a starter against Mallorca.”

Later he talked of the case of Juan Dominguez [a reporter from Radio Galega was insisting in the reason why the youngster isn’t plating], “He was injured for a while and we have other two men playing at the time: Ruben Perez and (Juan) Rodriguez. And later Juca could return. So, that’s why he isn’t playing. And it’s that if Juan Dominguez plays and later we lose, then you will ask me why he played [he laughed]. Last week I phoned Villar [the president of the Spanish federation] and I asked if I can play with fifteen players. And he told me ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t talk right now’. If I could play with fifteen men… He (Juan Dominguez) is not playing, simply because Ruben Perez and Juan Rodriguez are playing right now.”

Later Depor’s coach said that Guardado could be tested in Copa as a left-back defender and also that his plans are to not use the South American players for the first-leg in Copa against Cordoba, this in order to give them more vacations, “He (Guardado) has conditions to play there, maybe in Copa we could watch him on that position. With the South American players we will take some measures, because we only have a few days for Christmas and I will take a decision.”

Finally, Lotina said that he is worried because his team is not playing well when it goes outside of the Riazor, “Since we play with this system, and with the exception of the match in Pamplona, we are not playing well outside home, in Levante we won for the great goal of Riki. I am worried for this, because we are not having the ball possession.”



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