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06 Dec 2010
Depor’s coach said that he will make two changes though he didn’t mention any name, while Hercules’ manager is confident in changing the poor performance of his team when it plays away from home.

Esteban Vigo Benítez is an Andalusian coach that made a name in professional football playing as a midfielder. Known as ‘Esteban’ during his playing days, he debuted at CD Málaga, achieving La Liga promotion during the season 1975/76. He subsequently attracted attention from FC Barcelona where he was regularly used during ten seasons, although never claimed a spot as an undisputed starter. Among his achievements was to score the third goal in a 3-1 Copa Del Rey final against Sporting Gijón (1981). Later he returned to Malaga and gained three caps for Spain during a two-month span, as the nation prepared for its FIFA World Cup – he did not make the final cut. He also represented Spain at the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Taking up coaching afterwards, Vigo started to work with UD Almeria, and continued to coach mainly in the region of Andalusia, also having an abroad spell in Romania. For the season 2008/09, he led Xérez CD to its first top level promotion, but switched to another side in the category, moving in July 2009 to Hércules CF, achieving the same goal, this time as runner-up, with the Alicante club returning to the top division after thirteen years. To mention that it was the first time in the history that a coach achieved two straight promotions to Primera with two different clubs. This is his first Primera confrontation against Miguel Ángel Lotina.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Sunday’s morning; firstly he said that there’s no special reason for picking twenty players and also confirmed the number of changes that he will make in his starting formation, “There is no special motive for picking twenty players; we just have a lot of men that have worked at the top during the trainings and want to see them happy. We weren’t good on the past weekend, but are only making two changes. I don’t have doubts. I know who is going to play, but neither have talked to the players. “

About the long trips that the visiting teams have been forced to make on this weekend, the Basque manager was saying that it isn’t as hard as some people think, “When I played at Logroñes, I had to leave early in the morning in order to play, I remember the trips on bus and the long journeys to Pontevedra and Galicia, as example. And I didn’t die. Nothing happens if you make a long trip. A long of teams at Segunda B do it, nothing happens, people think that the players won’t be able to move, but it isn’t true.”

But what the coach criticized is the fact of been playing on Mondays, “I don’t know if today is Saturday or Sunday, and it’s that the day of the games marks the trainings and even your life; I thought that yesterday was Friday and it wasn’t like that. It is a subject that will be difficult for us and for the fans. There are kids that must attend to school in the morning and on Monday you can take them to the matches.”

And the hardest criticism from the coach was towards the lack of dates for the Copa clashes against Cordoba, “The Copa will be played between December 22 and 23, but we don’t know yet the dates. Why? We have to travel for the holidays , some even to South America. And it isn’t the same to buy the tickets now than in one week. Some are traveling with their family and it will be more expensive. I don’t understand why the dates aren’t prepared yet. I am surprised.”

Then, Lotina talked of the rival, “Truly we all have been a bit irregular, but they practice a good football and it is an interesting team. And what we won’t do is to have a special mark over their strikers, the important thing is us. We know that the rival has its virtues and characteristics, some are collective and others are individual, but we won’t have a special mark over them.”

“This game is important because the rival is there with us. Yesterday Levante won and Osasuna lost, so we have a lot of teams stuck there.” He added. Finally, Lotina had a few words on the absence of Claudio Morel, who went to Paraguay in order to solve a personal issue, “He asked for permission and it is justified. Let’s leave it that way.”

Hercules’ coach gave a press conference on Friday; within the last days there has been a lot of rumours appointing to the exit of Trezeguet and Nelson Valdez during the winter window; but Vigo don’t give importance to it, “I won’t have a headache until we have a serious offer over the desk. If they ask for my opinion I will give it, but I won’t be responsible for the decision of the club. We just can say that it’s a satisfaction, because it means that the team is fine and scoring goals.”

Later the Andalusian coach confirmed that he is not thinking in making too many modifications to his starting squad, “I barely make changes according to the game of the rivals. I think more of my team and am careless if we play at home or away. The other day Tote made a great game and probably will have the chance to play away from home, because he did it on the past year.”

About the poor performance of Hercules when it plays away from home, the coach said that he is expecting for a change, “I have talked to the players and we are eager to change the situation . What I can tell you is that we are convinced that the team is going to succeed.”

Finally, Esteban analysed the rival, “Despite they aren’t brilliant the true is that they are very effective, and they are coming after living worse moments in la liga. It is hard to surpass their defensive  scheme, mainly if they score a goal, for that reason I told the players that it is crucial to keep the clean sheet. If we don’t face the game with the needed seriousness then we will live a bad moment.”



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