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08 Dec 2010
Happiness at Deportivo after clinching an important victory that’s leaving the team at the tranquil zone; opposite was the scene at Hércules as the players criticized the planning of the trip and even the decisions of the coach.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was conscious that it wasn’t one of Depor’s best games, but still was content with the result achieved at the Riazor, "I am pretty satisfied. We do need to be strong and have defeated a quality rival. It is a step forward and must follow the line. Our game didn't shine, but at least it was better than in previous games and that I want to emphasize is the seriousness and concentration of the tem."

Despite the three points, the Basque manager is conscious that his team still has a long way to go on the liga season, “A lot of liga still ahead. A lot. And we have equality on here, so today it was important to win. I told the players that it looked like the standings were starting to be broken in two, therefore the three points were important in order to feel closer to the upper places, but on Saturday we have other three important points that are going to be difficult.”

Finally, Lotina was feeling sorry for the last action of Lassad, error that almost cost the equalizer, “You can correct things with the ball, but if you tell him ‘don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that’… he does nothing. There are some things that a footballer can’t do when he has the ball, and we must be careful, because if you told a player ‘don’t do that’ then he loses confidence. I like to be careful when the player has the ball.”

Diego Seoane admitted that Depor suffered a lot within the last minutes, but he was careless as Depor picked the three points, “As long as we win it doesn’t matter to suffer, we are now traveling more calmed to the Vicente Calderón, though it’s true we didn’t have too many opportunities, the important thing is that we scored in the lonely chance that we had.”

Striker Lassad Nouioui was the one that scored the winning goal, he was commenting his participation in the match, “The three points are very important, and I know that the coaches trust in me although I am not a starter. I was lucky in the play of the goal, though knew that Colotto was going to put the ball over there. It was going into the far post and I just needed to push it. Still, I just have one goal in liga and must improve.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also saying that these three points are very important, “It was complicated, but we had to win, yes or yes, and now we are giving an important step forward at the standings; now we see the light at the end of the tunnel and makes you think that you can go to Madrid and give a surprise at the Calderón.” Asked about the presence of agent Eugenio Botas at the Riazor, he just answered “I didn’t see him. The day we miss some dialogue we will be lost. There is no problem.”

Keeper Daniel Aranzubia said that the team was aware of the moment lived on the season, “After the setback in Santander we were mentalized to face the match against a direct rival. It was hard, but we were fine and achieved an important victory. We knew that a win will let us seven points above relegation and went out mentalized. We are aware of the calendar ahead and for that reason it was important to have that difference of points. Maybe we are missing some game in attack, but as long as we achieve the points we shouldn’t complain too much.”

Adrian was emphasizing the importance of the three points, “This triumph is putting us away from relegation and that was the goal; it doesn’t matter if we only score in set-pieces.” About the tough tackle that he suffered in the first part, he commented that, “I hope to be fine in a few days, it was only a blow.”

At Hercules, coach Esteban Vigo was feeling sorry for the defeat, “We return again to the same starting point. Without almost giving a chance to the rival we have lost again. This is the way to achieve the victories at Primera and we must learn, because it isn’t the first time this occurs to us.”

“We keep the ball possession, but aren’t capable of counteracting the things that we have emphasized during the trainings. The goals came after the errors and you paid the price at Primera. We didn’t deserve to lose, but football has these things, and we just can hope that this won’t happen again. It isn’t easy to win away from home at Primera; truly we want to improve during our exits, because if we don’t add the points then we will be with the water to the neck. We must arrive soon to the mark of the 41 points.”

It was a wet and cold day in La Coruña, but things were hotter at the changing room of Hércules, and it’s that the players were disgusted for the planning of the trip to Galicia, because the club’s officials didn’t want to wait for the normalization of the air traffic and preferred to force the players to make a long trip of 1,108 km.  Everything exploded after the players realized that the journalists of Alicante arrived on plane in order to witness the game.

Paraguayan Nelson Haedo Valdez was the one with the harder words, “To see the journalists comfortably traveling by plane, and later think that we do it in a 13-hours trip by bus it breaks my eggs. It’s okay to be a humble club, but you need to have more respect for the players, because it’s the first time that a club’s official doesn’t travel with the team. We are the fools of la liga."

Meanwhile, Royston Drenthe was firing against the decisions of his coach, “Why we lost playing away from Alicante? You must ask Esteban for the modifications. Or maybe I was the one that made a bad job. I am pissed off, and won’t say anything more on TV, because later he will be mad with me.”





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