09 Dec 2010
Midfielder Ruben Perez will not play against Atletico Madrid due to a clause in his loan contract; the Andalusian midfielder gave an interview to newspaper La Opinión and talked of Deportivo’s present.

Q: Against Hércules we saw you in a more advanced position, any reason why?
A: The reason was that since Juan (Rodriguez) was off, I decided to play in a more advance position. I'm not a player that joins the attacks, but on Monday I had some attempts to score.
Q: You had to play alongside a new partner, how was it?
A: I spent a lot of games playing with Juan, but neither noticed the difference with Antonio (Tomas). I don’t feel uncomfortable with anybody. I feel quite well with everyone, because they are colleagues who like to work; they want to be there and it's easy to get used to anyone.

Q: You are solidary, you don’t mind to help in defensive task, but will we see you in attack?
A: My position is in front of the central defenders in order to keep the ball possession and cut the counterattacks. My role is not to attack; that is generally the responsibility of the other midfielder or the wingers.

Q: Despite your age and been the new guy you are a fixed starter. How do you feel about that role?
A: I knew it was going to be very difficult to earn a spot at the starting eleven, because Deportivo has good players and a lot of competition. At first I didn’t imagine that I was going to enjoy of many minutes. But I've earned the confidence of the coach with my work and desire, so let’s hope that the situation will not change. I have to keep working and if at some point I have to leave the team, then I will train even harder.

Q: Do you think that the system with five defenders favors your game?
A: Yes, I am comfortable with the system of five defenders. I had played before with this type of scheme, but at the B squad of Atletico Madrid.

Q: You always said that the team was going to improve. Do you think that you can aspire to anything more than the permanence?
A: Yes, because we have a very good team despite the situation we are facing, and I keep my words. We are a good squad, there are quality players on here and that promotes competition. I think we're a team that deserves to be at the top positions.

Q: Seven points above relegation and five below the UEFA zone. Looking at Saturday's game, is the team feeling relaxed or it still feeling the pressure of the standings?
A: We must go step by step. Now we have a very difficult game against Atletico Madrid, although they are not living a good moment and after chaining a streak of poor results. I think we can get the three points at the Calderon and then look up.

Q: You are facing Atletico, Sporting then the Copa against Cordoba
A: Yes, but we are in the right direction. We seized the games that we disputed against teams that were in a similar situation than us. Now the calendar will be a little tighter, but are rivals from our league and we must face them for better or for worse.

Q: Since things are better in la liga, do you face the Copa with more enthusiasm?
A: Right now we have a match against Atletico that it is very important. A lot still ahead before facing Cordoba. We want to go slowly.

Q: You won’t face Atletico due to a clause in your contract...
A: I would have liked to play the game, especially  since it will be disputed at the Calderón, but we must respect the contracts and not think too much about it.



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