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10 Dec 2010
Defense rules at Deportivo; of the seven players that added points during the month of November, four are defenders and another one is the keeper. Aythami and Colotto dominated the period, duo that was at the top of the list.

Aythami Artiles clinched his first ever RCDLC.com player of the month award during November; the Canarian was a starter in all the four matches played in the month and helped Deportivo to clinch two victories and one draw in the period. In those four matches (Levante, Mallorca, Malaga & Racing) Deportivo clinched two clean sheets and Aythami even scored a great goal against Levante, in that match he earned his lonely man of the match award (MOM).

Also to emphasize the contribution of Diego Colotto and Ruben Pérez, both were starters in the four matches on the month and the Peña members rewarded their performance with fifteen points for the Argentine and thirteen for the Andalusian midfielder; Colotto earned one MOM in the month and was the only player that was part of the top three list in all the four matches played during November. Meanwhile, Ruben earned a MOM during the visit to Mallorca and ended second in the match against Racing.

The other player that earned a MOM during the month was goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia; he was considered by the Peña members as the best man on the match against Racing, which in the end meant the only defeat in the period. The other players that earned points in the month were Lopo (6), Riki (6) and Diego Seoane (2).

Ratings on the month:

At Levante (liga, 7/11/10)
1st. Aythami - 10 pts (20)
2nd. Riki - 6 pts (10)
3rd. Colotto - 2 pts (8)
PB: None

Collective Note: 2 (Medium)

At Mallorca (liga, 14/11/10)
1st. Ruben Perez- 10 pts (10)
2nd. Aythami - (6) pts (6)
3rd. Colotto & Seoane - 5 pts (2)
PB: None
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Malaga (liga, 21/11/10)
1st. Colotto - 10 pts (17)
2nd. Lopo - 6 pts (14)
3rd. Aranzubia - 2 pts (6)
PB: None
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Racing (liga, 28/11/10)
1st. Aranzubia - 5 pts (13)
2nd. Ruben Perez - 3 pts (6)
3rd. Lopo & Colotto - 1 pt (4)
PB: None
Collective Note: 1 (low) 

Overall table: Colotto still leading the standings in the race for player of the year, now with a nine-point distance with the second place, which is now for Ruben Pérez; winger Andres Guardado descended to the third spot after missing all the games in the month due to an injury.  Aythami has climbed to the fourth place, and the other central defender at the team, Lopo, is sixth, just one point behind Riki.

Overall Table
1st. Colotto - 38 pts 
2nd. Ruben Perez - 29 pts
3rd. Guardado - 20 pts
4th. Aythami - 17 pts
5th. Riki - 11 pts
6th. Lopo - 10 pts
6th. Manu - 10 pts
8th. Adrian - 9 pts
8th. Laure - 9 pts
10th. Aranzubia - 7 pts
10th. Desma - 7 pts
10th. Lassad - 7 pts
13th. Urreta - 5 pts
14th. Seoane - 3 pts
14th. Tomas - 3 pts
16th. Juan Rodriguez - 1 pt.




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