14 Dec 2010
Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia gave an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analysed the performance of Depor against Atletico Madrid, and also the flat game of his team when it plays away from home.

Q: With the passing of the hours which are your conclusions from the defeat?
A: Well, a defeat is always difficult to digest. Fortunately, la liga is a competition that goes fast, and there's a match on Saturday, and we donít have much time to mourn. We have two days off [yesterday and today] and starting on Tuesday we will think of Sportingís game, which is very important.

Q: Did it hurt even more than the defeat the sense of helplessness of the team?
A: Yes, in the first part the whole team didnít give any good feeling. We started very badly and Atletico was much better, it had many scoring opportunities and the truth is that their sense of danger was very big. Then, in the second half, we were better, but never created too many problems.

Q: Were you surprised for the strong way in which Atletico started the game? Wouldnít you expecting for that?
A: No, no. We were aware that Atletico has plenty of potential, especially in attack, and despite how focused you are, the true is that they have quality players, they are very fast and it's not that they are surprising you, but that itís very difficult to stop them.

Q: All your saves were clear opportunities for them
A: It's strange that playing outside home and with five defenders they were easily surprising us with their counterattacks. Atletico did it after several corner-kicks in our favour and after we were losing the ball at midfield, it turned to be easy counterattacks for them.

Q: Are you concerned about the irregularity of the team, capable within days of solid matches at home and harmful games away the Riazor?
A: Yes, we had two terrible games in our last two visits, and the following away matches are going to be complicated. It is clear that we must continue to demonstrate that we are solid at home, but we must be mentalised that it wonít be enough with the performance at the Riazor, we need to improve outside.

Q: Do you know where the error is, especially, have you thought of any solution?
A: No, no, itís not so easy. These are things of the coach and not of the players. But we also made nice matches outside home, like at Mallorca, or at Levante, very serious games and havenít been so long. We must remember those games and keep them for reference.

Q: At the Calderon you shown that a good goalkeeper is just not enough to win
A: I think it isnít a matter of mine or of the strikers. In the end we all are a team and in order to win games we all have to work a lot.

Q: At least, I guess, you are be content regardless to your personal performance
A: Well, after not starting the season playing as I was injured, yes, now I have played for a few games, the injury is already forgotten and I just think of helping the team as much as I can.

Q: After a game like Saturdayís one donít you feel like a protagonist?
A: I feel fine, but I neither want to give more importance to it. In the end the individual moves are left aside if you donít win the game. This is a matter of eleven players.

Q: Did you commit penalty over Aguero?
A: Yes, yes. I touched the ball, but in those plays the forward only needs to slightly touch the ball to cause a penalty.

Q: In half an hour the Argentine became a nightmare for you.
A: The truth is that he showed why he's one of the best players in the world, and against that little can be done.

Q: Against ForlŠn, however, you made a great job.
A: Well, I was just right on the penalty. I could stop it and gave one more chance to the team in order to get into the game, but it didnít serve for much.

Q: Was the intuition, the study of the videos or simply good luck?
A: Documentation of Sambade [keeperīs trainer] and then a little intuition, and finally a bit of everything.

Q: And in the free-kick that hit the post?
A: No, in the free-kicks you see the ball late, because you are covered by the players in the wall. I arrived just on time, but was able to deflect the ball. I saw the ball passing, but fortunately it went out.



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