16 Dec 2010
Canarian side defender Manuel Pablo gave an interview to Sportpaper AS; he analyzed his long career as on Saturday will complete hid match number 300 at Primera. There were also comments regardless to the current situation of Depor.

Q: It's not very often that a player reaches the mark of 300 matches at Primera.
A: That means that I have had the confidence of almost all the coaches. Itís a continuation of many years.

And all at Depor. How to explain this loyalty?
A: When I arrived, I never thought of having so many matches at Deportivo or at Primera. On a single team is even more difficult, as things are now in present football. There has been a mutual agreement between the club and myself.

Q: Maybe Depor will end up to be your only club in your career
A: Possibly, but you never know. I have the will and strength to try to still playing for more years. I truly would love to play again at Las Palmas. They are now at Segunda, but donít know what will happen. I am aware of my age. In order to be there I must keep competing at the top, so they will still want me. If not, there is no such possibility.

Q: You've always said that you wanted to have a long career...
A: I've always said that as I lost nearly two years of my career due to an injury it was going to accelerate the age of my retirement. The feeling that I have when we do physical work is that I can still play good matches.

Q: You will be 35 in January. Maybe we even have a new Donato at Deportivo
A: Thereís only one Donato and what he did is incredible, because you begin to suffer injuries and feel pains, but still I have the motivation to compete. That's why I'm here.

Q: Can you choose a match among the 299 that you already played?
A: The day we won the league, that's clear. It was the biggest success we have achieved, also the Copa.

Q: Already thinking about the present, what happened on Saturday at the Vicente Calderon?
A: I think we did a very bad first half. We made many mistakes at the time of defending the counterattacks.

Q: Was there too much relaxation as the team is living in a quiet zone at the standings?
A: I think not. They were stronger at the beginning, that's clear. Maybe we were surprised. We never had suffered those kinds of counterattacks after taking the set-pieces, which always was the way in which we were creating danger.

Q: Lotina switched the system at half-time and returned to the line with four defenders.
A: The system of five defenders has been good and brought defensive security, but the other day we didnít have it. I donít think that we will change now. The team has felt more comfortable with that scheme, although there is room for improvement. The defensive line with four men can be used at times, but neither we were better with that system during the second half. It was a bad match on all sides.

Q: The team knows that it will reach the Christmas break living outside of the relegation zone. Was that one of the goals?
A: Obviously, when we were at the bottom things were very difficult and certainly many players would have signed the current scenario, but I still think that we are able to be in a better position. Those lost points canít be recovered and that makes us go a little hurried.



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