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24 Apr 2006
The signing of the Galician winger Pablo ?lvarez is a secret that everyone knows. The same player even confirmed this on Galician radio. But ?lvarez is living difficult times since he suffered a broken bone this weekend, a serious injury that will leave him out of action for eight months. Depor's doctors are in contact with the medical staff of Sporting in order to follow his evolution.

The past weekend, Pablo ?lvarez suffered a serious injury in the match between Sporting Gij??n and Lleida at El Molin??n stadium. In the minute 55th the Galician winger tried to steal a ball from Dani Mar?­n, as result of the action, ?lvarez suffered a serious fracture in his right leg's tibia and fibula. His team mates knew the seriousness of the case and players like Javi Fuego even mentioned after the match that they heard his leg crushing and later they saw it hanging.

The 25-year-old winger was taken immediately to the hospital Bego?±a in Gij??n, after the diagnosis it was established that surgery was needed and the operation was realised by Sporting's doctor, Antonio Maestro. Depor's medical staff have been alerted about the case and they are maintaining contacts with Sporting Gij??n in order to co-ordinate the recuperation process of the player.

This situation is confirming the rumours about his incorporation to Deportivo for the following season, it was been also reported that Pablo ?lvarez will be out of the pitch for eight months, meaning his debut for Deportivo won’t be until December.

Nobody in Deportivo has wanted to confirm the existence of the contract with the Galician winger, but the same Pablo ?lvarez confirmed it on Galician radio. His agent, Jos?© Luis Tamargo, also confirmed that the player already has signed a contract with a Primera club for the next three campaigns, although he didn't want to mention the name of this club.

Pablo ?lvarez's injury has complicated the plans of Lendoiro, he was the chosen option in order to reinforce the right wing for the next season. Now, this situation could accelerate the negotiation for Fernado Belluschi's incorporation or could even cause the renovation of V?­ctor. Another option is to extend the loan spell of Gallardo or to negotiate the incorporation of Malaga’s Manu S??nchez.

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