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20 Dec 2010
Both sides were dissatisfied with the final result as they were expecting to collect the three points; at Depor Lotina was blaming himself for not making the right modifications.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was feeling sorry for the final score, “Maybe we have played the best twenty or twenty-five minutes on this season, we could have resolved the game before, but it wasn’t possible and later we were delayed on the pitch. In the second half you could feel that there were going to have some opportunities; they had one and equalized the game. It’s a pity, because after the first twenty-five minutes you were hoping for a different result.”

He also explained the presence of Valerón and Juan Dominguez at the starting formation, “I believe that I surprised everybody. I just put the people that I thought that was better. Juan Carlos already knew since Wednesday that he was going to play, and Juan [Dominguez] was training at the top since fifteen days ago, so I had to put him on.”

About the presence of Rindarøy, the Basque man said that, “Rinda brings some things, and yes, he commits some mistakes, but are correctable. He committed a mistake in the play of the goal, but I am satisfied with his work.” But what Lotina criticized was his own work as he thinks that the changes were wrong, “I do believe that I could have done better. Maybe switching the system or searching for another strategy.”

Despite Depor lost two points, Juan Carlos Valerón was trying to be optimistic, “From my point of view I am content. For me it’s always a joy to be on the pitch in order to support the team and bring the football that I’ve, because I always wish to contribute with my style of playing.”

About the game, El Flaco said that, “We fought hard and didn’t know how to seize our opportunities, but the true is that we are leaving with a good taste in the mouth, because we tried. We will love to continue on this road, and I am sure that we are going to try.” 

Meanwhile, captain Manuel Pablo was feeling sorry for the final score, “With a score so short like the 1-0 you already know what could happen. It was a pity, because we made a solid first half. In the second we didn’t know how to have the ball possession and ended up locked at the back.”

The scorer of the goal, Aythami Artiles, was also unhappy with the score, “We didn’t know how to kill the match and they pushed strongly until they scored the equalizer. Now we must look forward as in January the team has a tough calendar, so we need to fight and search for anything, there's nothing else to do.”

Similar were the thoughts of Juan Dominguez, “It was painful, because we were counting with the victory. We had several clear opportunities and in the end they found the equalizer as we missed to score more goals. We started at the top and were controlling the ball, but the injury of Guardado changed the match. But to have eighteen points at this point is good and must work harder after the vacations.” 

Regardless his individual performance, the Galician midfielder was pretty content, “In an individual sense I am satisfied with my contribution, and also with the fact that I played for the full ninety minutes; besides I am benefited from the combinative game that we practiced in the first part; we tried to move the ball rapidly and have the ball possession, so they would be tired and I believe that we did it, though it was a pity the final stretch of the match.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro commented that, “It was a pity for not seizing all the opportunities had in the first part.” Asked about new signings, Depor’s boos responded that, “We will sign a new player only if he improves what we already have, then we will make an effort according to our financial possibilities.”

At Sporting, coach Manolo Preciado was commenting the game, “I would have died if we would have lost, but not for me, but for them, the public, because a lot of people came. There were red shirts everywhere. But the game left me with a weird sensation, because the reward was too little compared to our effort on the pitch and we couldn’t win, but at least things are slightly better with the draw.”

The scorer of the goal, Diego Castro, was emphasizing the spirit of Sporting, “This team is offering what it has to offer, which is will and commitment. Taking apart the first twenty minutes we offered good football: I am sure that the victory will arrive, this taking in mind the union at this team. We know the moment is critic, but aren’t having good luck.”

The doctors at Deportivo didn’t know what exactly happened to Andrés Guardado; the winger felt pain in the same hamstring region where he suffered his previous injury, then he asked for a substitution at minute 30; the spokesman of the club, Rafa Carpacho, told to reporters that, “We don’t know yet if it was a relapse or something else.” The club just informed that the Mexican is now on vacations and will pass some scans in Mexico in order to know what really happened to him. The ex-Atlas play should be returning on December 28 to La Coruña.





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