24 Oct 2005
R??ben scored his two first goals in Primera against Real Madrid. It was during his career at Las Palmas, now the Canarian player targets the Madrilians and talks about the situation of Deportivo after the defeat against Real Sociedad. He admitted that it isn’t his best moment, but he’s ready to surpass it.

Q: Do you remember October 3rd of 2001? 
A: Yes. That day with Las Palmas I scored two goals against Real Madrid in a period of 30 minutes. I will never going to forget that day, it's impossible. 

Q: You began in the bench and later you replaced Orlando. Tell us how was that? 
A: Yes. Fernando V??zquez called me to go out of the bench and he gave me the opportunity to play.  Eternally I will be thankful to him for that, he also trusted in me for the rest of the season. Ten minutes after I entered to the pitch I scored the first goal and soon other more came. The sensations were incredible, I won't change anything of the things that I lived on that day. Those were my two first goals in Primera and was the triumph of a modest team that fought very hard on that season. 

Q: How were the goals? 
A: Very different. The first one was a prove of effort. I almost print myself against the post and break my legs, but it was a risk that I had to take. We were 2-2 in the score and that ball was the one of the victory. I obtained it in front of my people, it was something unforgettable. 

Q: And the second... 
A: That's the one remembered by the people. I had the ball outside of the area and I didn't doubt it. I sent a shot that was my second goal. It was somewhat a goal with more quality. 

Q: The image of Casillas after that goal was the one of the desperation. Do you think that he remembers you? 
A: I hope so. If my goals of that day have value is; partly, because we were playing against a magnificent keeper like him. He's one of the best goalkeepers of the world, if not the best one. On the last year I faced him when I was at Albacete, but what happened in that stage it doesn't count for me. It was an horrible year in all the senses. It's gonna to be complicated, but I believe that I'm going to score again. What's clear is that as much to me as to Depor we need this. 

Q: You already scored against Barcelona and now... 
A: It would be pretty to have the memory of scoring goals against both 'giant teams' on this season. If they give you to choose the rivals to whom you want to score a goal, they would always be the selected ones. Riazor has good sensations after my goal against Barcelona and I hope that tomorrow (today) it will happen the same thing. 

Q: You were born and grew up in the young squads of Las Palmas, but what club of the 'giant' ones is your favorite? 
A: First is the team of my island (Las Palmas). There's no doubt about it. Even so I must recognize that I always liked (Real) Madrid. I cannot deny it. But the two goals that I scored against them didn't hurt me in anything. I lived the best sensations on my life. 

Q: How was the day after your feat, did you felt like the king of the island? 
A: It was incredible. Everybody stopped me by the street, congratulated to me...  I don't know why, but the madness that’s lived in my town with football is not normal. The people lives to the maximum the victories and also the misfortunes. I, for example, lived very badly the last year that I was there, the one of the relegation to Segunda B. 

Q: Who’s living the more complicate moment, Real Madrid or Deportivo? 
A: That's never known. They say that they have many absences, but is that important?. The best thing is their bench. The only good thing is that Ronaldo doesn't come. I must recognize that for me Romario is better , but in the present time there's no doubt. Of two occasions he scores three goals to you. He's magnificent, how he moves, how he runs... It's necessary to thank because he cannot play in Riazor. 

Q: Are you worried about Madrid? 
A: You are always thinking in the rival, but they also do it, Until now the errors are in us and for that reason the change that we need to do is in the locker room, in the field... 

Q: In which moment arrives this game for your team? 
A: We are in a complicate moment after the game against Real (Sociedad), but we have an enormous desire to face Real Madrid. It’s a game programmed in a different date recently, but now we give thanks for it. We were needing this. If we won we will take off the bad taste of mouth that we have at this moment and Riazor will forget what has happened. 

Q: Yesterday was a day to talk and to correct the mistakes at Abegondo... 
A: Yes, although I don't like it too much. Each one knows the effort done.

Q: You said previously that you need to score goals. What's wrong? Are you anxious to do it?
A: The truth is that I'm not at my best moment. This are tough days. I had a clear chance to score against Real (Sociedad) and I thought about it many times. Every time I repeat the play on my head and I realised that it was an easy one. I scored hundred of goals like that. I also had a clear chance against Zaragoza and I couldn't fulfill it. It's clear that you need to have chances in order to miss them, but it always hurt you when you fail.

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