25 Dec 2010
Portuguese Ze Castro talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and assured once again that he wants to leave during the winter window; the defender also explained his physical problems in the game against Cordoba.

Q: How are you?
A:  "Well, I am feeling pain, but nothing serious, but it is something that often occurs to me and donít know what it is. We'll see.

Q: You also suffered cramps in the previous two games in which you have played, isnít because you arenít playing on a regular basis?
A: I never had so many cramps as on this year, and the truth is that it is coming from last season, as I barely played, it is costing me a lot, but physically I never had a problem. I train at the top, often I run on the pitch and I feel nothing... I donít know. If you want an explanation it might be for not playing so often and for not having match fitness, but donít know why exactly. I canít give a concrete explanation.

Q: Was it difficult to play in a field so damaged by the rain?
A: In the beginning it was bad, but not as bad as we expected. In the first half both teams were unable to create danger. Our penalty is doubtful, I donít know if it was penalty or not, but we scored the 1-0 and from that point they were having problems in reaching our area, the field wasnít helping and ultimately we achieved a draw. We want to pass and for it we must win the second-leg match.

Q: How is you situation at Depor? Are you going to leave during the winter window?
A: "We'll see. I think we will have some things. It depends on the club, of what they want.

Q: Is it a final transfer or a loan?
 "I repeat that I donít know. It depends on more people than myself, of the coach ... I am a professional and do what is best for everyone.

Q:  Do you want to leave the team because you are not playing?
A: Yes, for that reason, it is clear. I'm not a player who is happy without playing. I'm not here for the money, but to improve and reach a very high level. Everyone must be clear on that. Then there is a coach who decides who plays. I've been very happy at Deportivo, but we'll see. I canít say anything else, because I do not know.



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