28 Dec 2010
Depor’s coach gave his last interview in 2010 and talked to Depor Sport and Sportpaper AS; he analysed the year that’s ending and gave his expectations on 2011.

Q: What is the final valorization of 2010?
A: The year has been bad in terms of results, though the switch in the system has solved the things. But above all it has been bad for the injuries. There have been many cases and some were important.

Q: So, was the balance marked by the injuries?
A: Yes, it was a year marked by the injuries. It started with the case of Filipe, which was the most serious case and the one that hammered the most, but curiously it was the case that was solved in the best way, because he recovered pretty well and later was transferred to Atletico Madrid in pretty good conditions. Later, we had several injuries that were repeated, some especial cases like Riki, Guardado and Juca, which has marked us throughout the season. Since that point, we must recognize that the results weren’t good throughout the year; since January we had bad results though recently we have improved.

Q: You talked of Deportivo in 2010, but what about Lotina, how was the year for you?
A: Any coach always has low moments, but no matter the reason why, if the results are bad or if the players aren’t doing what you want, you end up having moments when you aren’t happy at all, but it something that happens to anybody. No matter what, it has been a good year for me, because I was able to stay in a prestigious club like Deportivo, and that’s always good, so I don’t have any complain. I am enchanted and in a general sense it was positive for me, because you can obtain positive readings from all the situations, even from the injuries.  

Q: Don’t you think that one of the major shortcomings is the lack of goal?
A: We have no goal scorer, a player of those that doesn’t do anything different than to score goals. In almost all teams there is a player like this, but not here.

Q: Do you really expect to get a striker in January?
A: I have the hope, I said it sincerely. I think that Lendoiro is aware of the situation, of what we need. In addition, all teams, at least the ones form mid-table and the ones at the bottom, will sign reinforcements. This time, we can end signing a striker.

Q: What are the characteristics that the new striker must have?
A:  The important thing is a forward that could be a reference for the goals; a goal scorer that could take the pressure away from the others and would be a benefit for everyone.

Q: If the number of injuries are reduced, will be the occasion to raise the goal for the season?
A: Logically, yes. If you have the entire squad available then you have more options and the players get competition. That is beneficial.

Q: You are ending the year with a defensive line of five defenders, will you keep playing like this?
A: I don’t give much importance to the system, because what matters is the philosophy, in that sense we can’t change.

Q: So, at any moment you will be playing with four defenders.
A: Yes, indeed.

Q: Before the game with Sporting, you said that the team offered the best twenty-five minutes of the season, are you thinking in giving continuity to that lineup?
A: We also played pretty well in the first half of the Copa game, with the same idea that the squad must have. Truly as long as you put the best players then you have more chances to play good football, but the idea on the pitch is the fact that must prevail. I believe that all the players at Deportivo are capable of playing good football, and what we must do is to insist in our idea.

Q: Yes, but against Sporting there were surprises at the starting eleven, because Valerón played his first game on the season as a starter, will he stay out against Athletic Bilbao as the team plays away from home?
A: I don’t believe that things will change just because we play away or at home. If Valerón is fine, then he will play at home and also away from home.

Q: Are you afraid to return to the relegation zone?
A: A little as we have a tough calendar, but you also take away three difficult matches. If we make a good match at San Mamés and Mestalla, then we will have a chance of winning. Barca is more difficult, and to say that we're going to win it would be very daring.

Q: What is the meaning of defeating Barca on these days?
A: Any team defeating Barca will win more than three points, it will earn prestige. That hope can’t be taken away by anyone.

Q: Before that match, you have to play on Day 2 at San Mamés.
A: I already spent seven New Year's eves concentrated with the teams. Once I played in Andorra and ate the grapes on the bus, and in another occasion with Logroñés I was returning from a game in Ourense. There was snow on the road and we took the bus to Burgos.

Q: Where will you take the grapes the next New Year’s eve?
A: That question is more complicated. We'll see. It is difficult to plan one year ahead.

Q: What is your goal for 2011?
A:  I still think about being close to Europe. I have this hope, but I think we need to improve. I am sure we will do it, because physically we will be much better in the second round.

Q: Eleven players end their contracts in June. Can it affect?
A: The player wants to win, and not look to their contract, but the club has to close the renewals. I hope that with the arrival of Ernesto Bello this situation will progress faster.

Q: But it’s that they could sign for any club on June 1st…
A: Juan Rodriguez, Lopo or Antonio Tomás have a lot of games at Primera, and that’s a big weight. Any team will sign a player for free, at a good age and with 200 matches at Primera. They will be good choices at the market. They are a candy for any team and that’s the problem that I see.



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