26 Apr 2006
One of the better news for the match that will be played on Saturday, is the fact of been the first confrontation between the two Galician promises: Iago Iglesias and Borja Oubi?a. Newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> reunited them in Santiago de Compostela. Both players talked about the derby and their experiences in la liga.

La Voz: They started to talk about the importance of the Galician players in a derby like this one...
Borja: For me, the derby must be played with respect and with Galician players on the pitch. I like to see the rivalry between both sides, but it must be a respectful confrontation.
Iago: Yes, it looks fine to me. Respect must be asked in every occasion, because the violence must be out of football. And I also think that the match must have Galician players, because a Galician derby won't be a Galician derby without them.

La Voz: Both youngsters talk about Saturday's game...
Borja: We are fine. Actually, we have been in a good run all over the season, although the people in Vigo is saying that Celta is in the better moment. I see Depor in the same line: solid. But they are under Celta at this point.
Iago: I share his opinion. Celta is enjoying a good moment and they also have good results. I think that we are OK too. I am sure that we can improve our performance, but in a derby it doesn't matter how you arrive to it.
Borja: We are interested in playing a normal match and not a derby, because it didn't end well on the last time we tried on that way. We must play the game without thinking in what is happening with the fans, trying to introduce the issues of a derby on the pitch isn't right for us, we didn’t succeed before and we ended badly.
Iago: But not for Depor. We must consider the people, they will support the squad until death. It's clear that we try to put off those things when we are the visitor, but as the local team, it's a favourable factor and we will try to use it in order to have a better performance. Later we will try to play as we know.
Borja: Maybe Deportivo was always a more mature team, with more experience. The anxiety didn't affect them as it affected us, and you learn for everything. Now we must change, isolate and end the day with at least five points of difference with them.
Iago: The environment could also be a negative factor as it happened in Bala?dos. Another thing is how you play the game.
Borja: Now related to the style of playing, we are a squad that likes to play with empty spaces, although we aren't a team that practises the counterattacks. Without spaces, Celta suffers the most. If we are losing the match, those spaces disappear and we suffer, specially if we pass too much the ball. Besides, Depor is a tough, ordered and uncomfortable team.  It's difficult to dominate them... let's see how it ends on Saturday.
Iago: But the problem is how to score a goal against Celta, we are experiencing problems to score. It will be a complicated match because they take advantage of the empty spaces. We have to be careful with their players, they are dangerous ones when they have the ball on their feet.

La Voz: The players also reminded the last descend of Celta, one that was almost confirmed in Riazor at that time...
Borja: I heard a lot of things in that game. But well... I don't remind a lot right now. You lose and you are in Segunda and anything happening in front of you is secondary. You are there, sunk and you really fell... pretty bad. But two years later, everything changed and you are here in order to confront a new derby. Besides we already studied Deportivo, even Iago (he laughs). I liked how you played in Villarreal, and the other day, I saw your goal on the TV, I saw that you hit the ball improperly, but ended in a goal after all.
Iago: Ja, ja. Yes, it's true. Against C??diz.
Borja: Look, on the past season I also scored one like that against Tenerife.
Iago: Yes, but if I would try to sent it to the nearest post, it would ended in the clouds. Since the ball was wet, I made just a little touch and ended in a goal. But, who cares now?

La Voz: Iago and Borja Oubi?a talk about the support that they fell from the fans in a derby like this one...
Iago: It's the first derby for me, but I already played against Celta at the Calasanz. It was special. I always tried to see the derby’s matches at Riazor.
Borja: Me too. I am socio of Celta since the 92, so I always tried to attend to the matches. But I wasn't one of those screaming in the stadium. The true is that I always went with a bitter attitude (he laughs). I always said it: In Vigo the people is more tranquil and cold, I always took the games in the same way. I was only trying to see a football game.
Iago: I don't know how is the people in Vigo, but in Riazor there is a sector that lives the game with more passion.
Borja: Yes, but in La Coru?a there's more rage against Celta than in Vigo against Deportivo.
Iago: Really? In La Coru?a everybody thinks that's the opposite.
Borja: At least is the sensation that I felt in Riazor. I see more passion in La Coru?a, although there's always some provocation in both sides. It's also true that we came with a disadvantage of 11-0 in three games, and that hurts. Specially because is Depor. Let see if we can fix it. You know? it's a thing of image. It isn't too much about the fact that the team ended in the relegation zone two years ago, because Celta didn't descend in that game, although it hurts.
Iago: If your biggest rival puts the last nail in your grave, and with the provocation you see in the stadium, it's a thing that nobody likes to live. I saw that game at the Riazor.
Borja: Yes, you were one of those singing A Segunda, eo!
Iago: No! (he laughs) I only passed a good time, nothing more.

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