01 Jan 2011
Juan Carlos Valerůn talked to Sportpaper AS and analysed his present season; he also hopes that his career wonít end in 2011 as he expects that Lotina and the club will want him at the squad for the coming season.

Q: 2010 hasnít been a brilliant year for Deportivo.
A: No, letís hope that 2011 will be a little better. Both, the second round of last season as the first of this campaign, werenít good at all. The team has the capacity to do better. Recently, at least, we managed to fix a little bit the bad start of the season.

Q: Is it hard to think only in salvation?
A: No. The first and only goal that we have is that Deportivo remains at Primera Divisiůn. Depending on other things, then we'll see if we can do something else.

Q: Are you assuming that 2011 could be the year of your retirement?
A: I donít know. We'll see. It's something I donít think about it, seriously.

Q: When you say that you are not thinking seriously on it, does that means that you still see yourself capable of making things on the pitch?
A: Yes, I am able to continue helping the team. The issue of my retirement is going to be decided by the coach and the club. It depends on them.

Q: So, you wonít have the last word
A:  Not at all. I canít be the one who decides that. For me the most important thing is that the coach could think that I can be on the team, and also that the club believes that I can still help. If those two sides believe that I can be useful for another year, then it will be a pleasure to continue playing. And if not, I will try to help in other roles. It is a decision to be taken year after year.

Q: In recent seasons people have been constantly requesting to Lotina that you should play more often. How do you deal with it?
A: I just want to help. I wish the coach could have all the peace of the world and no pressure, in that way he could make decisions that are the appropriate ones at all times. I canít do anything about what people might say, but at least on my side Lotina has my full support. I will never demand anything and I'll always be there willing to help the team, whether I have to play or not.

Q: This season you havenít had too many minutes.
A: I knew early on the season that there would be times when it would be difficult to play, but you always have the hope that things are changing.

Q: Do you see yourself capable of been a regular starter on this Deportivo?
A: The most important thing for me is to demonstrate it, as in the game the other day (against Sporting). I donít know if people saw this from the outside, but I hope I have done things well enough to give the impression that at least I am able to play.

Q: Everyone praised your performance in that match against Sporting.
A: Yes I am very happy with what I did in that game. That's what we all love: to feel useful. The truth is that I felt really good.

Q: Do you still feel that people have some doubts about your fitness?
A: I donít know if there are questions or not. In recent weeks I was working pretty well and then the coach has witness it. Like in past occasions it was a little harder, because I am a player who faces problems to find the proper pace at the beginning of the seasons.

Q: You were at the meeting of the AFE in which the strike was decided. Was the judge's decision a disappointment?
A: If you have to play, you have play and thatís it. We will fulfill our duties. There will always be minor conflicts with the LFP and other estates, but most important is to have a dialogue, though in this time it wasnít like that.



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