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04 Jan 2011
The team was content with the victory, but at the same time the players admitted that they suffered a lot, meanwhile at Athletic Bilbao there was criticism towards the referee.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was commenting the match, “It was an intense game and we were lucky; we knew it was going to be exciting, because Athletic is the team that plays with more intensity and we know that this fact should be stopped with intelligence. Within the first ten minutes we had several problems provoked by Iraola and Athletic had the chance to define the game.”

“These are just three points, but what this game means is the growth in an individual sense for young players such as Laure, Juan Dominguez or Adrian, who made an important step forward in terms of attitude. And it’s that it isn’t the same to play at San Mamés than at other stadiums” He added.

The Basque man also gave his opinion on the red card saw by Juan Rodriguez, “We committed some errors, like the second yellow card of Juan Rodriguez, this after scoring through a penalty and after they started to play with ten men. In those moments you need to be intelligent and not provoke any card; still, for me both cards weren’t deserved.”

And it’s that everybody at Athletic was criticizing the work of referee Rubinos Pérez, and Lotina commented that, “It was a complicate match for the referee; surely we witnessed more penalties at both areas, besides the one that was whistled. But in the second part he whistled several fouls for Athletic and I can also complain of that, and maybe in the best of the cases, putting together all of these actions, there was only one foul.”

Daniel Aranzubia played his second game at San Mamés wearing Depor’s shirt, in both he achieved the win and also shined with his saves, he was commenting the issue, “It’s always special to return to this stadium, and for now I have always won.”

“The match was sentenced since the second goal, because they reduced the pace after allowing that goal, and they saw that the game was lost. But in the end the rival got into the game and locked us at the back. On this stadium the pressure of the people is so high that the players always respond, even if they are already dead, and then they start to send crosses and more crosses.” He added.

Midfielder Ruben Pérez was content with the victory of Deportivo, “The truth is that the public was the one that put Athletic back into the game. These three points are very valuable for us, now we will face the coming matches with a renewed confidence as this was a complicate stadium.”

Adrian was the hero on the game with his two goals, he was commenting that, “It was hard to win and especially since this is a tough pitch. It is a stadium where you never know what’s going to happen until minute 90, because the public puts a lot of pressure. It is a stadium in which if you win you do it suffering.”

About his individual performance, the Asturian commented that, “I´m pretty happy for scoring two goals, but I’m more happy because the team achieved the victory. It was important to add the three points, because it gives us a morale boost in order to face the coming matches.”

At Athletic Bilbao, coach Joaquin Caparrós was trying to explain why his team lost the match, “Football is maximum efficiency. The start of the game was among the best starts that we had, but weren’t effective against the opposite goal, neither the referee was fine.”

And it’s that the Sevillan coach was complaining of the work of Rubinos Pérez, “This is a competition, sometimes they give you things, and in others they take away the game. We weren’t lucky with the referees and it was a pity as it was an important match. You can be wonderful on the pitch, but if this isn’t your day… First unlucky against the opposite goal, then a few saves by Dani (Aranzubia) and then the penalty of Ustaritz.”

Keeper Gorka Iraizoz was close to tie the game with a header at the last minute, and he was complaining that the ball was stopped by the hands of Manuel Pablo, “It was penalty, Manuel Pablo demonstrated that he is a great goalkeeper.” He said with irony.

But the harder words towards the referee were the ones of Mikel San José, who was sent off in the first part, “Whoever saw a penalty in the play of the first goal should go to the oculist, and I said the same on the play in which I was sent off. The referee told me that he sent me off because I pulled the shirt of Adrian, and it wasn’t like that. What he can’t do is to lie.”





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