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07 Jan 2011
Happiness at Deportivo as the team passed the round in a dramatic definition in extra-times; Lotina said that it was even better to do it in this way rather than with a tasteless 0-0.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was commenting what he saw during the game, "We allowed a silly goal in a critic moment, but later they committed a silly penalty and the game ended. I warned that this was a dangerous match, and I was right. At minute 30, I already didn’t like what I was watching, and even told my assistant that I saw myself out on the street. But in the extra-time we scored twice and felt more comfortable."

“If the game would have ended 0-0, which could was feasible, people would have gone home more calmed… but they wouldn’t have enjoyed the same as having a last-minute penalty, the extra-time… that hooks you up, because it gives the feelings that you achieved a great thing. Surely more people will attend for the next games. It is the sauce that the game was missing, and it came at minute 85.” He added.

Later he was talking of the game played by Valerón, “We don’t have anybody doing the things that Valerón does on the pitch, that’s why he played and that’s why he stayed despite he looked tired. But I see the Valerón the plays the whole game, not only the two passes that he gives. He can bring a lot of things, but also takes away some others. That’s evident and logic. That’s why he plays when he has to do it. When he is fresh then it is noticed and is able to make more damage, though today his best passes came at the end of the game. The pity is that the game lasted 120 minutes; let’s see how we recover our people, although Valerón has the capacity to recover, so I guess he will be OK against Barca.”

Finally, Lotina was remembering his career in Copa Del Rey, which seems to be his favourite competition, “It is the fifth team that I put in quarterfinals. Numancia, Osasuna, Celta, Espanyol and Depor. I just passed the quarterfinals in one opportunity, it was with Espanyol and we won the Copa. Let’s see if this year we can also reach the final game.”

David Rochela was the only Fabril’s player that disputed the whole 120 minutes, he was commenting the match, “The game was under control, but an isolated play complicated the things, later we were more calmed during the extra-time, and we demonstrated that the team knows how to handle tough situations.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was one of the heroes in the game, he was feeling sorry because Depor didn’t know how to defined the game before the extra-time, “We would have loved to not reach the extra-times, and it’s that we were playing with fire and weren’t able to score a goal and things were complicated. I am content with my performance, and it motivates me to keep going; I never felt like this after my latest injury.”

Midfielder Juan Rodriguez was saying that the goal of Córdoba was the factor that motivated his team, “It gave the feeling that the team was feeling comfortable with the 0-0, and it seems that we got scared when they scored. You learn from everything. Some people could say that we weren’t interested in the Copa, but if it was it like that then we would be already out. Everybody likes to win.”

“We knew it was a Segunda team, and that the series was favourable to us, but we also knew that it wasn’t easy, and it ended to be like that, because they scored. But the team was lucky within the final five minutes and we had two scoring opportunities, we seized one and in the extra-time everything was in our favour.” He added.

The other hero in the match was Adrian, who entered in the second half and scored the first hat-trick, in his career; he commented that, “I must try to keep playing like this. Things were complicated in the end, but the important thing is that we reacted and passed the round, now we want to reach the farthest round in the competition; it is a precious tournament.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro said that, “I thought the game was lost, but in the end it was a surprise for everybody.”  About the situation with the signings, he said that, “We still searching things, but we don’t have anything yet, neither with Urreta.”

Who was on fire after the game was the coach of Córdoba, Lucas Alcaraz, who criticized the job of referee Álvarez Izquierdo, “I think the red card was too rigorous, especially taking in mind that in the first half there was a similar action against Deportivo. He perfectly knew who was the team from Segunda and who was from Primera, and not only for the penalty, but for the number of small details.”

About the game, he was disappointed with the luck of his team, “We gave for free the quarterfinals in Copa. The series was on the right way, and suddenly we allowed a lot of things. It is like you go with the car on the highway in the opposite direction: a sure hit. The team completed 88 great minutes. It had the ball and it didn’t suffer, it commanded the game when it wanted, then we scored a goal and was close to pass the round. It was a painful series, but we must congratulate the team. I believe the name of Córdoba has been mentioned a lot in Europe.”





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