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10 Jan 2011
Despite this was the heaviest defeat at the Riazor in almost three years, Lotina and the players were satisfied with the performance of the team; and it’s that they think that the score didn’t reflect what happened on the pitch.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was somehow content with the game, mainly for the individual performance of some men, "In the end it was a pity to allow the third and fourth goal, because the 0-2 was another thing. Still, I am content with the performance of the team, especially in an individual sense. Juan Dominguez is growing a lot. Laure was also fine, same thing than the two pivotes and the central defenders. Adrian, Desmarets, Saul… there were good news.”

Later he was justifying the switch in the system, “If we would have played with five men at the back, then we wouldn’t have passed midfield territory. It is a subject that I spoke with Guardiola. What happens is that people don’t understand that if I play with three central defenders is to have a better output of the ball, not to defend more.”

Regardless to the entry of Valerón, the Basque coach explained the reason for the change, “The attack wasn’t plugged into the game, that’s why I thought of the early change with Valerón. With the 0-1 on the scoresheet and with Valerón on the pitch we would have had more options, but the goal of Messi screwed the plans. The change didn’t work out, and since that moment we lost strength and Barcelona played at ease.”

Finally, Lotina said that the errors committed in the game were normal according to the circumstances, “It’s difficult, because we spent a lot of time running after them and we can’t criticize anything, too much concentration. It’s tough; I know the first goal was a pass between the lines, the second a foul that came after a lost ball, and in that way is normal to have errors. It’s not easy to face Barcelona, because they play really well, and even defend very well.”

Juan Carlos Valerón entered for the second half and gave some guidance on the field, he wasn’t feeling hurt with the big defeat, “We tried, but they have their game. They never feel desperate and are always able to find the empty spaces as they know how to wait. When you lose against a great team, then it doesn’t hurt so much. This big score won’t affect us, it will be an error to think like that, because it isn’t a team from our league”

Meanwhile, Juan Dominguez was saying that Depor didn’t deserve a big defeat, “The fairest thing would have been a lower result. With the 0-2 the game was already dead and it would have been the fairest result. It’s never nice to lose, but at least there’s the consolation that it was against Barca.”

“We all ran and made a big effort; we worked at the top in order to not give anything to Barcelona. When you are on the pitch things are going faster, you try to play with the ball and suddenly it is already at the other corner. We all knew it was going to be like this and knew what to expect against Barca, because they move the ball quickly. We knew it was going to be tough.” He added.

Manuel Pablo was saying that the team suffered a lot as Barcelona was putting allot of pressure over them, “We made a big effort trying to hold on, but as it happened to other teams we ended suffering; in the first part we were feeling comfortable, but they put a lot of pressure ad we couldn’t have the ball possession. It just makes more important the past win at Athletic; we aren’t living a comfortable situation at the standings, but neither is desperate.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was at least content, because the Riazor was full of people, “We lived a football party and it is a joy to enjoy of a Riazor like this, the pity it’s the result.” About the transfer market, once again he said that there’s nothing, “We are looking for a forward, but it’s difficult, because we must find him and later he should want to come.”

At Barcelona, coach Pep Guardiola was assuring that it wasn’t an easy win for his team, “Although the final result was a 0-4, the true is that the game only had a few scoring opportunities; we just scored four of five or six attempts, and it was hard to surpass the structure of Deportivo, because Lotina always prepare really well the defensive sector of his teams; historically Barcelona has always had problems at this stadium.”

  “If you don’t play well, then the intimidation only lasts two minutes; a lot of games still ahead and also a lot of away matches, but the current condition of the players allow to us to be optimistic. The only thing we ask is to see everybody working hard and fulfilling their duties.” He added. 





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