11 Jan 2011
Recently midfielder Juan Dominguez is getting more opportunities as he has been a starter within the last three games in liga; now the Galician talks to newspaper La Opiniůn and shares his point of view about the Copa and the latest game with Barca.

Q: Was too excessive the 0-4?
A: Yes. For me it was too much. The fairest thing would have been a 0-2.

Q: Games like this should form any young player, right?
A: Yes. To face teams with the level of Barca force you to give your best effort. Also, to feel the atmosphere and see a full stadium are among the things that allow you to progress, and are a useful experience for the future.

Q: Messi, Iniesta, Villa... is imposing to play against the best in the world?
A: Before the game there are moments when you start thinking of it: ď'Wow, I'll play against Iniesta, Messi and Pedro!Ē...' You think for a moment, because it is something that surprises you, but then, as the game starts, you forget about it. I tried to play as if it were any other game.

Q: Despite the final result, was it the prettiest game of your career?
A: I think so. The Riazor was full and we were facing Barcelona. The only bad thing is that you donít enjoy playing against Barca, because you donít have the ball possession and the initiative is always for them.

Q: After a difficult start of the season, on a personal level, it seems that gradually you are finding a place at the starting eleven.
A: I started with many injury problems, and it hurt me a lot. Later I recovered, but wasnít at the team and sometimes I even was out of the list of picked players. I always said that what I needed to do was to work hard, fight and put things difficult to the coach, so he would know that I am there. Now it seems that is working. I'm playing and getting more chances, and the true is that I am very happy.

Q: Are you in favor of making rotations in Copa in order to oxygenate the players with more minutes?
A: I donít know. That's up to the coach, who sees whatís better for us; he knows what suits to the team. He knows if we have to rotate or not.

Q: Once youīve reached the quarterfinals, is the Copa a competition as important as la liga?
A: We are all very excited about the Copa and already had that idea on the previous round. From the beginning we wanted to fight for it, and it has been like that. On Thursday we have an important match, because our goal is to continue advancing in the competition.

Q: Without thinking that if you eliminate Almeria, then you could end facing Barca again, this time in semifinals.
A: No. We should go slowly. First you have to play the first-leg in quarterfinals and then the returning match. Our head right now is on Thursday's game, and then on the next liga encounter.

Q: Almeria is allowing a lot of goals and you should take advantage of it, donít you think?
A: It's a team from Primera and will be a very difficult opponent. I think the tie will be very close from start to finish. In attack itís a team living a good moment, because itís scoring many goals. But maybe we can take advantage of its defense and try to harm them. Maybe right now what calls the attention is their striking zone. So we need to be careful.

Q: Is always an advantage to play the second-leg at the Riazor?
A: I donít know. At last, after all, itís the same thing. Thereís no difference in playing first in one place and later at other. I could not tell you which is better.

Q: What will be a good result for this game?
Q: To not end defeated at their stadium would be a good result for us, but it is clear that we will go there with the intention of winning.

Q: Is a pity that this year you need to reach the final of this tournament in order to aspire to Europe?
A: Yes. Itís a small handicap, because we all are excited about playing in Europe next season. The Copa is a way to reach the dream, and say letís that this path has narrowed, because before reaching the semifinals was enough to secure the ticket, and now we have to reach the final, which is more complicated.

Q: Complicated, or rather impossible as you could met Barcelona before
A: No. It isn't impossible; of course not. We must fight hard and work in order to pass the round. Reaching the final is very difficult, but not impossible.



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