12 Jan 2011
Laureano Sanabria ĎLaureí gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and said that Depor needs to be more ambitious, because for him Depor needs to look beyond the permanence.

Q: Nobody has suffered the relegation after adding 43 points. You already have 21 with just one game remaining in the first round...
A: We still have to play the game against Valencia on Sunday, but the reality is that we are now eight points above relegation. We canít be happy with that. Clearly we have to take a leap in quality.

Q: Iīve the feeling you are ambitious...
A: But itís that I think we must have higher aspirations and at least should try to be a little higher, trying to improve and end as high as possible.

Q: Are you talking about Europe?
A: The first thing is not to suffer, but we have to be a little more ambitious, and I mean not only in la liga. In addition, the Copa is very nice, now we're in the quarterfinals and it will be pretty to reach the semifinals.

Q: Alright, but in the semifinals is supposed that Depor will meet Barca.
A: But it would be in two games... We would need to plan the situation in another way, and I think there are always options, even against Barca.

Q: A team that on Saturday made you run after the ball for nothing...
A: Everybody likes to win, it is clear, they now are one step ahead, but we have to follow our own path and think that this isnít our league. We made a huge physical work. They force you to play their game, because they have the ball, while they open up the field, entering by all the sides, constantly searching for the empty spots... They make you work harder...

Q: Do you resume the game by the gesture of frustration made by Aranzubia after the second goal?
A: That's the feeling you have: frustration. But I think we have to believe that the team made a nice game, that we tried, but they scored the first goal in their first clear opportunity. And as soon as Barca scores they force you to doubt, and then you have to run a lot.

Q: Are you happy with your performance?
A: I feel very good in a physical sense, and think that Iím contributing a little more with each game thatís passing.

Q: The coach has said that you earn a starting role during the trainings...
A: Actually, I spent the whole year working on a regular basis, this in order to be ready when the opportunity comes out, and it has now arrived.

Q: Defence with four or five men?
A: On Saturday we moved very well, the two midfielders helped a lot, the wingers ran a lot. We were well placed, only when we allowed the first goal the team ended up opening the spaces. I think we manage very well the two systems.



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