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15 Jan 2011
As it could be expected the game practiced by both teams was criticized; the papers believe that this was the worst Copa series in quarterfinals and was even compared to any game played by the veterans

La Opinión A Coruña: A training game with a  referee. The 1-0, which resulted from a collective error and that ended with a stroke of bad luck, was the only highlight experienced in Almeria, because the game was soporific. It seemed that both teams were limited to fulfill the obligation of Copa Del Rey instead of seeking to sentence the series. Deportivo made three attempts to score, two shots went on goal, while the Andalusians had more opportunities, but only once the ball went on target and Manu stopped it, so their only shot on target didn’t even  end in goal.

That was another of the bad things about this meeting. Because when a goal comes from an opponent's success you just shut up and applaud, but if it comes after an own error... something must be done. Almeria can’t score like they did yesterday. Firstly Pablo Álvarez committed a mistake at midfield as he didn’t combine with Desmarets trying to get between two defenders, he cut an output of his team and caused a counterattack for the adversary, i.e., he gave the ball to the rival. Secondly, Rochela is not successful in clearing the ball that later was collected by Juanma Ortiz, and there’s the doubt whether he should left pass it to see Manu picking it. Thirdly, with all this in mind the only thing left is was to see what happened in the end: the ball slipped into Deportivo’s goal after hitting Rindarøy’s leg, because Ortiz was trying to assist Uche, but was lucky to find the leg of the Norwegian, who deflected the ball into his own goal. That is unfortunate. The rest, something the players have to avoid

It´s only a goal, but at the same time it means everything. Both teams went out knowing that the life they have left in this competition, at most, is two more games: the two semifinal matches against Barcelona, which had sentenced the day before their tie against Betis (5-0). To have to face Barca in semifinals is like having to overcome a pit of miles. Almost impossible. But at stake is the fact of playing two more games, it means prestige for the team and also for the players.

In their favour we must say that last night wasn’t inviting to play football in Almeria. The weather was splendid, but the environmental at Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos  was null. A professional must know how to compete anywhere, but a professional is used to do it more protected, albeit in front of a negative public. Yesterday’s game was a kind of training match with a referee and with the stands completely depopulated. It is the result of the model proposed by la liga, which is hardly attractive for the fans. Also for the coaches, they almost always focus on la liga. We still have to know what the players think. For example, Depor and Almeria, knowing who is waiting in semifinals.

El Pais: Piatti guides Almeria. There's nothing like a defense with three central defenders to end up allowing a goal from inside the box. Juanma Ortiz's goal, or rather Rindarøy’s own goal, was the differential element of a match between Almeria and Deportivo that moved more at the pace of the veterans and in a scene more proper of the pre-season than of the quarterfinals in Copa del Rey. Away from the spectacle lived in the clashes in Villarreal and Barcelona on Wednesday, the meeting at Estadio de Juegos del Mediterráneos, a stadium in which you could heard the shouts of the players, absorbed the cold in the environment, so the yawning prevailed without remission.

Almeria won because it was held by a player capable of offering something different: Piatti, and because, in a general sense, it showed more than a helpless Deportivo, a football orphan, endlessly boring. Now it will have to comeback at the Riazor, something that will be complicated if it doesn’t increase its performance on an urgent basis. Rafael Pineda

La Voz de Galicia: Almeria left Deportivo alive. As it happened in Santander, Deportivo again conceded too many chances to the rival during an away match. Not always the team will have a holy hand, as it happened in San Mamés, and this time it was time to lose. And it could give the thanks, because it was only a 1-0. Almeria didn’t kill the tie in quarterfinals, and now the series will be decided at the Riazor, place where there will be a better atmosphere compared to the Andalusian stadium, as only 3,447 spectators attended to the match. Rubén Ventureira

AS: From this tie it will come out the rival of Barcelona in semifinals (unless Betis gives the surprise of the millennium). And for now, Almeria has an advantage. In a two-game series, winning by 1-0 means a remarkable result for the side that wins and dangerous for the loser. But the Catalans, regardless of their potential, should be confident if they analyze last night's poor football practiced by the Andalusians and Galicians.  In fact, Almeria and Deportivo were involved in the 'anti-game in Copa’. No matter how bad could be a match, the mere fact of being playing a quarterfinal game adds emotion. But yesterday no one was touched by the horrible performance that we all have to suffer. Starting from the environment at the stands with only 2,000 spectators. Little more to add.

The sequence of the only goal was singular. Minute 35, electric action of ‘elf’ Piatti, the ball is not clearly properly by central defender Rochela and ends up at the foot of disciplined Juanma Ortiz, who decisively tries to drill the ball. With no angle he chose the risky decision to shoot on target. The ball bounces in Rindarøy and went into the goal defended by Manu; too bad for the Norwegian, who has lived a similar action against the same opponents (in the win of Almeria in La Coruña).

Precisely Piatti was the only one that was trying to warm the frozen spectacle with his velocity. Flashes, but something was something. Deportivo, in the other hand, nothing of nothing. As always, with three central defenders, serious and a rock at defence, as usual, almost impenetrable ... but like the host it contributed to the internationalization of yawning as a wretched fellow of this show that once was called 'football'. The second act moved through a similar path of boredom (or worse). At least Lassad, at minute 56, starred in the best play of the game. The show (let's call it like that) was declining to underground levels

Estrada Fernández (an excellent referee) had the nice gesture to whistle the end for the relief of the public, because everybody was already tired. Almeria dreams of being a semifinalist for the first time, Deportivo to exceed the quarterfinals for the fifth time in its history. But in the cold (footballing) night, it became clear that the problems in liga are affecting Los Rojiblancos, while Depor offers work and patience. It knows how to play and that its stadium is a fortress. But the bad thing of this match was that if some brave soul tried to watch it on TV, certainly it changed the channel. That's the B side of this sport. In football this is what you get. Carlos Cariño

Marca: Without fanfare, Almeria only needed Pablo Piatti to tip the quarterfinals first-leg against Deportivo (1-0), despite its merits -or demerits- Lotina team could have allowed more goals.  A rebound in the area of Deportivo, with a cross of Juanma Ortiz and a deflection of Rindarøy, was enough to take the game from the tedium of the first part, half in which Depor controlled the ball without any pretension. In the second Oltra’s team found more ways to the opposite area, but was unable to give the definitive strike to the tie. Pablo Díaz.

La Voz de Almeria: Almeria again offered a demonstration of power in the tournament, although the victory was by a narrow 1-0, but the fact of achieving a clean sheet gives a significant margin for the returning leg. Almeria's players must have felt alone and abandoned when they jumped into the pitch as the stands were empty of people. It must have been incredible that a quarterfinal match, which also meant to make history, ended to be a game in family. The show that can be offered in football match is directly proportional to the environment in which it is disputed, maybe for that reason it gave the impression that Almeria accused the lack of protection at the stands, reason why they needed nearly fifteen minutes to enter into the game. For Deportivo, side that was acting as a visitor, the frozen human environment must have been motivating and that’s why they controlled the ball at the early stages of the match, even approaching to the goal of Esteban. But it lacked definition and it barely disposed of opportunities R. del Pino



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