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16 Jan 2011
Ninth meeting between Lotina and Emery; Depor’s coach was confirming the lineup and even admitted negotiations for a new signings; meanwhile Valencia’s coach was saying that his team will try to play pretty and at the same time win the match

Unai Emery Etxegoien is a successful coach that appeared in scene at the end of the past decade; he made story as his UD Almeria ended 8th at the standings with 52 points (season 2007/08), which was the second best register for a recent promoted club in the history of Primera División. A few months later he was signed by Valencia FC, but he hasn’t been able to repeat his previous success and actually the Basque man has been constantly under fire by the strict Valencian media.

Emery and Miguel Angel Lotina have met each other in eight previous occasions, and Depor’s coach was able to add his first win in the series at the start of January of 2010 thanks to the 2-1 achieved by his team in Copa Del Rey. Five of the remaining seven games were won by Emery and the other two meetings ended in a draw.

To mention that Lotina is missing a liga victory over Valencia since the year 2002, it was a 1-0 win with Celta at Mestalla (October 6); since then the current coach of Depor has faced the Valencians in fourteen opportunities, seven of those games were draws and the remaining seven matches meant a defeat for his teams: Depor, Real Sociedad, RCD Espanyol, Celta, Osasuna and Logroñés. At least Lotina was able to achieve a victory in Copa during the past season.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday; it was after the last training session had at La Oliva. He confirmed that Depor will play with the tested lineup saw during the training, and regardless the physical state of Adrian, he said that, “Let’s hope that Adrian will be recovered; the player said that he expects to be fine, so do we… and… that’s the only small problem that we had. “

And then he confirmed that all the movements made in the previous Copa clash with Almeria were all prepared taking in mind this game, “The idea we had was to face the Copa game thinking of la liga; actually the changes were already defined. We didn’t want to use Juca as starter. Manuel Pablo and Lassad had to play for the full ninety minutes, but they are fine; especially Lassad, who had several problems on the past season.”

Regardless Valencia, the Basque man said that is going to be a tough match, “Complicate game, Valencia will demand a lot from us and the game will define some things for us, beyond the situation at the standings it will help us to define how we are on the pitch. We must have clear ideas and should be aware that they are good in set-pieces. Since that point we must try to attack, to see them aware that we can harm them in defense.”

Asked if Valencia will feel the pressure at Mestalla, Lotina said that it shouldn’t affect the performance of the rival, “I believe that, with the exception of Barca, Real Madrid and Villarreal, nobody likes how their teams are playing. The true is that Valencia is fine despite losing players like Silva and Villa, men that mark the characteristics of any team. Surely people aren’t happy after the game in Copa against Villarreal, but this is football and everything can happen, and Valencia is doing a great campaign, and is one of the few teams that can complicate the things to the two biggest clubs in this league.”

Later the coach was assuring that the intention is to qualify to semifinals in Copa, “We are hoping to play the semifinals, because it’s pretty, but we know that would meet Barcelona at that stage. So, we want to qualify, but knowing that the priority is la liga. Starting tomorrow we will think of the Copa and will try to pass and beat Almeria, people should know that. “

The situation with winger Jonathan Urreta was another of the subjects that were discussed, “I don’t have any news on Urreta; yesterday I talked twice with the president, but we talked of other subjects. And right now we haven’t analyzed his case, and I am only waiting to see the club taking a decision”

Finally, Lotina confirmed that Depor is making some moves at the transfer market, “Well… well… we are on that. Logically, if I talked twice to the president it wasn’t because I wanted to know if he was coming on taxi or on a plane in order to watch us. I phoned him for a subject related to a new signing. We are playing with fire and need a new striker.”

Valencia’s coach gave a press conference on Friday; he was commenting the lack of confidence at the team after the latest performances, “We can improve and are analyzing the matter. But it should be remembered that you could be effective without practicing a pretty style, though the shorter way to achieve the victory is to play well. That’s the goal: to play well in order to return into the path of the victory”

The coach didn’t give any clue of the lineup that he is preparing for the game, this after he was asked for the possible appearance of Tino Costa at the starting eleven, “We have some characteristics and must find the way to fit them at the team in order to follow a path with our game. Costa has some important qualities and only needs to be fit for Sundays. He has trained with normality during the week and is evolving, but we still have one more training session before the game.”

Regardless to Deportivo, the former coach of Almeria was saying that it is going to be a tough opponent, “They were irregular at the start, but are now following a positive path. It is a complicate team that that has an experienced coach, reason why it is difficult to counteract their game. Our team isn’t achieving the wins easily, so we must be prepared for it.”

He also confirmed that Valencia doesn’t need reinforcements during the winter window, “I am content with what we have; the team is fourth at liga BBVA and is qualified for the last-16 round at the Champions League. If we could sign players that could add new things, then we would be content, but it is difficult at the current market.”

Finally, Emery didn’t want to talk of his future, this after some papers claimed that he won’t continue on next season, “I have a clear goal and how we want to meet it. We must be together on this; the goals are established season after season. My only thought right now is to follow the same path. This is my main job. I can’t talk of my continuity, because it is a matter of three parties. Besides, we are only game away from the half of the season, and we still have to play a lot of matches.”



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