28 Apr 2006
Aldo Duscher knows the importance of this derby's match. Deportivo is near to the UEFA zone and a victory will mean a great boost for Depor’s aspirations. The Argentinean midfielder also knows how to face this tough challenge: with the same style they have been practising and creating pressure against the rival.

Q: How do you see this derby?
A: I think that very disputed, because this derby arrives with both teams fighting for an UEFA spot. For us there isn't any option different than the three points. The draw is worthless, so we must go out and try to win the game.

Q: Both contenders arrives in different moments. Celta, in a positive run, And Deportivo in an irregular road.
A: Maybe. In the last matches we have obtained too many draws, but well... we hope to achieve wins in the matches we still have to play, those are the important ones. The first task is to defeat Celta. I can only say that both teams have made a very similar campaign, both are at the top of the table

Q: Will Deportivo surpass Celta at the end of the season if your squad wins this game?
A: Celta is a team that maintains a good balance. They are playing good, and I don't think they will lose two or three consecutive games. But the important thing is to focus in ourselves and try to go through with the matches we still have ahead of us. A win in the derby will give us confidence until the end of season. The idea is to start here and later try to surpass them on the table.

Q: And if you don't win tomorrow? Will the squad think in the Intertoto instead of the UEFA cup?
A: The scenario will be complicated, but Depor can't think in that way. We must only think in a victory. Nothing more, we play at home, we have many factors on our side and lately, we are playing good in Riazor.

Q: In Celta the message is different. V??zquez doesn't want a derby with tension, he wants one without flavour, like he is playing with Betis. He is convinced that is better in this way. Is this an indication of fear?
A: I don't think so. It looks like they know how to face the game, but the important thing is what we are going to do. We must go out and win the game. We know that Celta practises a good football, they have men with good abilities and full of confidence. We must do our game, the same we are doing during this season. Our stuff is create pressure, in this way I believe that we can achieve the victory. We also need to focus on our defence and fulfil the opportunities we would enjoy.

Q: So, Depor is interested in a game with tension, although it's only because the fans are supporting the squad. Isn't?
A: We won't change our style, no matter if we face Celta or another rival. The mentality is always the same: search the three points and fight until the end. But this is a derby and the people take it as a special occasion. It's normal, but we must do our game.

Q: Depor arrives with a aggregate score of 11-0 in the last three duels, and Los Celestes ended in Segunda after the last visit to Riazor. Will this fact affect the head of their players?
A: Yes, they will like to defeat us, specially because the things didn't work in the last match, but this is different. They are better now and we need to win. It will be complicated.

Q: Is Deportivo the favourite?
A: Because we play at home and since we need the three points, I believe that the squad must do anything possible in order to achieve the win. It's an encounter in which anything can happen, but it's clear that we need those points.

Q: Is this a game for veterans like yourself or V?­ctor?
A: Here, there are a lot of people who has already played a lot of games, with Depor or with other clubs, so we know well how to play a derby.

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