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21 Jan 2011
The newspapers recognized that Almeria was the best side in the tie and that it deserved the qualification to semifinals, abut Deportivo it was written that it’s approach failed to contain the offensive game of the rival.

La Opinión A Coruña By its own merit. Deportivo was eliminated from Copa del Rey, but it fight while there was still a glimmer of hope. It had a good start, but also Almeria had it. It sent the ball to the post and sentenced the match and the tie in just two minutes, thanks in part to two defensive mismatches in the line of four men at the back zone. It was a very hard 0-2, which together with the 1-0 of the first-leg it was turning the tie into an impossible mission. But the team didn’t give up and tied up the game based on honor. If there was a little chance of achieving the comeback Iturralde take care of dispelling it. The penalty in favor of Almeria was very rigorous. And it’s that the hand of Ruben Perez is not always whistled. Despite this action, the tie was lost due to the own merits. First of Almeria, and then of Deportivo for allowing two quick goals at the Riazor. Now we should concentrate on la liga, which is the priority. On Sunday against Zaragoza is very important not to lose. It will allow to put some distance with relegation. Manolo Corredoira

La Voz De Galicia: One less problem for Depor. And now the team can focus on the league, where it still has to do a lot. It was necessary to lift the 1-0 of the first-leg, and worked on it, but two goals in two minutes from a lethal Almeria were settling the case in just twenty minutes. Four goals were needed. The team had the pride to tie the game, but the dream of an incredible comeback was settled by a harsh penalty that meant the 2-3.  Deportivo paid its initial joy in attack: it was needed to overcome a 1-0 to Almeria, not a 4-1 to AC Milan. Lotina’s team deployed a 4-3-2-1, which became a 3-4-3 when it was attacking.

The problem of such display is that it is pretty in attack, but the rival can kill you in a counterattack. Almeria knew how to read it very soon, side that played with a cheerful 4-3-3. Then the perfume evaporated. In two electrical actions Almeria sealed the 95% of its passport to end achieving the pass to a ‘bittersweet’ semi-final against Barcelona. Lotina said that when his team wants to play it forgets to defend. And that's what happened. Almeria could see that the sides were a freeway without side defenders (or pivotes). In the left it found the better prize as both goals came from this side.

The fans forgot of the Copa: "How can I forget / that Deportivo won La Liga", they began to sing. It was logical. Deportivo, 15 goals in 1,710 minutes on the season, needed to make 4 in 70 minutes. Then along came the worst defects of the team, punishable by the whistles at the stands: the inaccuracy in the passes of Juca, the silly losses of Rubén, the slowness of  Lassad... Valerón was the only one that wanted to do something. With the anger of the public in ascension, Pablo Alvarez pulled a penalty that he later converted into goal (min 43). Four minutes after the break Lotina take off the nonexistent Tomas and introduced Adrian, as if he was trying to demonstrate faith. It worked out. A cross from Laure was converted by the Asturian into the 2-2 (min 51). The stand was excited, but Iturralde whistled a hand that not even Almeria was asking for, and Goitom killed the resurrection. Rubén Ventureira

Xornal de Galicia: Farewell to Copa, welcome Beceiro. No "bittersweet" semifinal against Barcelona. Lotina had hinted after losing the first-leg by 1-0 against Almeria that he didn’t want to reach the semifinals against a stratospheric Barca, so he didn’t give importance to yesterday’s game. He changed the system searching for the comeback as he switched to the system with four defenders, but it did it with the mind set in la liga and reserving his most important players. Lopo, Adrian, Juan Rodriguez, Juan Dominguez, Aranzubia... none of them was a starter yesterday, although it’s true that Depor went out to bite the rival and competed within the opening minutes. Omar Bello

AS: Riazor salutes a great Almeria. Almeria is still living its particular honeymoon. If last weekend they managed to snatch a draw against the powerful Real Madrid, yesterday it succeeded in entering for the first time into the semifinals of Copa. A great achievement, which was also sealed with an immaculate passport: six wins in six games. One would doubt it is the last place at Primera. Luis De La Cruz

Marca: Almeria refuses to wake up from the dream. Almeria accomplished the task and achieved a milestone in the history of the club by reaching the semifinals of Copa del Rey for the first time. The Andalusian team stormed Riazor and eliminated Deportivo with the goals from Corona, Crusat and Goitom. Now they expect to accomplish the toughest test: to eliminate Barcelona.

 But that is another story. Whatever happens, nobody can take away what has already been achieved. Unprecedented in the history of the Andalusian club. As meritorious as fair. Sometimes for convenience, others for its good game and in others, as on this occasion, for its punch, but the fact is that Oltra’s men, following a clear upward trend, are advancing and have a license to dream. Jaime Rincón

El Pais: Almeria writes its history. Years pass and story is repeated. The Copa arrives and the voices speak of pending nuisances and annoyances. This Tuesday, at the eve of the match between Deportivo and Almeria, even Miguel Angel Lotina, the Blanquiazul coach, fueled the debate when he talked about "a bittersweet" game. In the end, the ball rolls on and there’s emotion, little to do with the usual farrago of the weekends.

 No corsets or burdens, Riazor enjoyed of the real Copa Del Rey, from the local domain to the tyranny of Almeria, and from there to a glimmer of hope with a comeback that was cancelled by the referee, which settled the tie with a controversial penalty when the ball struck the hand of Ruben Perez. Almeria won, side that will play the semifinals, a milestone never reached under the current shield or with others that represented it. And so it wrote its history in the Cup

The sin of Deportivo was to mix ambition with defensive frailties. At first, it sent a shot to the post after Manuel Pablo and Laure connected at the area of Almeria. But, with a line of four defenders, Lotina had decided that the sides should operate as if the back zone was based on the usual line of three central defenders. And this time it wasn’t like that. Juan Luis Cudeiro

Diario de Almeria: Something to tell the grandchildren. Pellerano, Bernardello, Vargas and company, as every Rojiblanco fan, can now tell to their grandchildren that one day a club as modest as Almeria sneaked into the semifinals of Copa del Rey hobnobbing with rivals of the side of Barca, Sevilla, Real Madrid or Atletico and being the bottom team in the league.

Los Rojiblancos fulfilled the mission at the Riazor and are passing the round by their own merits (do not forget that the team has the best balance in the tournament without having given a single draw and leaving in the road clubs like Real Sociedad, Mallorca and Deportivo ), important milestone in the centennial history of Almeria.

Far from speculating on the meager 1-0 of the first-leg, Almeria sought since the beginning the opposite goal to seal the classification and just needed twenty minutes to settle the tie, using the same effectiveness shown in La Coruna in la liga, when Kalu Uche sealed the match with two goals in a matter of minutes. Paco Gregorio



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